I’m Back!

It’s been a couple years since I last posted, and I apologize for dropping out of sight so completely, and without warning. It was just that Majestic’s harassment was getting to be too much, especially after my series of blogs about the research that Melinda Leslie did on the military’s “re-abduction” of UFO Abductee/Experiencers.

Majestic’s harassment will undoubtedly begin anew with the launching of this new website, but I really don’t care. Actually, it never ended. It was, in part, their recent attacks against me that prompted my decision to get back in the ring, yet again. I’ll blog about that after I finish posting all the old material. (My previous website was taken down after I didn’t renew it, and someone else took my old domain name.)

Looking back on my last twenty years in this rabbit hole called Alien Abduction, I see that I have, in fact, disappeared from the UFO community (and came staggering back) several times. The first was in late 1994, only months after I was awakened to the presence of ETs in my life, when I learned I was being closely watched by my own government as well. (Post #54) I became fearful and paranoid and stopped going to conventions or attending support groups after that. I just put the whole thing out of my mind and focused on the day to day challenges of living.

But I wasn’t living; I was just existing. I didn’t see that at the time, but an old friend of mine did and chastised me for spinning my wheels and never completing my writing projects. I knew she was right, and her comments spurred me to pick up my pen again and continue my “UFO journal.” That journal later formed the bases my book, ABDUCTED BY ALIENS.

The second time I dropped out was when Majestic frightened my girlfriend so much that she fled the state without telling me, or even her family. I never saw her again, and it tore my heart out. I had been facilitating a support group of my own, at the time, and after her disappearance I never called another meeting. Again, I ran away to lick my wounds. (Post #101)

During the next seven years, my ties with The Grays grew stronger, as did Majestic’s surveillance and harassment. I finally decided that since I was going to have Majestic in my face regardless of what I did, I would fight back with the only effective weapon I have, my writing skills. I started my book in earnest and self-published two years later. A year after that, I started my first blog at AbductionSite.com. Two hundred posts later, Majestic’s harassment again had become too much to bear and I dropped from public view, yet again. (I’m not very brave.) That was two years ago.

One of the reasons I decided to restart my blog was that I recently googled my name and came up with a couple of pages of links, including one that said I suddenly went missing. * Evidently one of my readers was concerned enough to ask the internet if anyone knew what happened to me. My old website was hacked soon after I built it, disabling comments from be posted, and I was never able to correct the problem. As a consequence, it often felt like I was “pissing in the wind.” I didn’t realize how many people cared.

My book, “ABDUCTED BY ALIENS, or How I Learned to Cope with High Strangeness, Government Harassment, and My Mother (a True Story) is available in two ways. First as a FREE pdf download and I’m also offering it here in serial form as the first 144 postings. Those who have already read my book can skip ahead to Blog Post #145, titled “What’s Next?”

A lot has happened since 2008 when I published my book, enough for a couple of sequels. I have a lot more to say. Stay tuned.

Chuck Weiss
October 2014

* If you want to goggle me, you’ll have to include “UFO” along with my name in the search criteria. Otherwise all that will come up will be pages for Chuck E. Weiss, the famous songwriter.

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