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Approximately every week or two I’ll post a new episode of my audio podcast, “CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH CHUCK WEISS,” produced at Mutiny Radio in San Francisco. (Check out their website and roster of FREE radio podcasts . . . and there’s no registration required!)

Just select the episode below that you want to hear. The bumper music I’ve chosen for my podcasts is best enjoyed with a good pair of earphones.

001  “Modern UFO History”

002 “The Roswell Incident”

003 “Three Famous Cases of Alien Abduction”

004 “A Basic Introduction to Alien Abduction”

005 “Hollywood vs. the Aliens

006 “ET Testing of Humans”

“007 “An Alien Program Guide

008 “Advice for the Abducted”

009 “Two Exclusives!”

010 “Conversations with ETs”

One thought on “Chuck’s Audio Blog”

  1. Now.
    The new táctic is abduct at home
    I ha ave tiempo forro years.
    I hace vídeo ready to sleep
    Nobody in my room
    Bingo i got the movimiento…
    The y hace human faces
    Animales reptiles moré….
    Not friendly. At all
    Big story my.
    BRoolyn NY
    I necedad a group
    To talk.

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