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52: Another Nosebleed & Little Sleep

(From Pages 107 – 108 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Saturday: September 17, 1994

I had another “easy” nosebleed. I blew my nose and the blood gushed out of my left nostril. It’s always the left one.

Katherine was with me last night and will be again tonight, as well. I know they come for us when we’re together. It saves them a trip.

Tuesday: September 27, 1994

Katherine called me this morning before she left for school to tell me that she woke up with blood on her pillow. I’ve asked her to tell me whenever she has a nosebleed. I’m sure that they are indications of a visit by our Gray escorts. Last night I got to bed about 4:30 A.M. and had to get up at 7:30. I woke up before the alarm went off and was surprisingly alert all day for having had so little sleep. This too, I believe is a good indication that they’ve been here. At 47 I can’t operate effectively for long periods of time without a good night’s rest, which I rarely get anymore. I tried recently and just about died from exhaustion at the end of the day.

They came for both of us last night, I’m sure. In fact, I believe they pick me up first so that I can help Katherine to remain calm throughout her ordeal. For that at least, I am grateful.

Thursday: October 13, 1994

I only got four hours of sleep last night, but again it feels like I slept a full eight, which I haven’t done for many months now. That’s not normal for a person my age. I haven’t been able to function without a good night’s rest since my college days.

Oh yes, I had another nosebleed this morning. As Cyrano de Bergerac said about his nose in that famous play by Edmond Rostand, “When it bleeds, the Red Sea!”7
7 In the movie, Jose Ferrer was Cyrano de Bergerac, the best swordsman in 17-century France with a large nose, of which no one dared make fun.

47: Katherine Sleeps Over, Nosebleed in the Afternoon

(From Page 99 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Sunday: August 7, 1994

Katherine stayed with me overnight and put up quite a fuss at having to go to bed at midnight. She kept asking, finally pleading, to stay up longer. Later as we lay in bed talking, she admitted to being afraid to go to sleep at night. She went on to say that she is also afraid when everyone else in the house is asleep and she is the only one left awake. Poor girl, damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

Later in the afternoon, Katherine had a bad spontaneous nosebleed. She was watching television when all of a sudden the blood started flowing. It was all over one of the pillows before I was able to get to a box of tissues.

46: Renewed Anxiety and a Voice in My Head

(From Pages 98 – 99 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Friday: August 5, 1994

For the past couple of days I have been suffering the full range of symptoms indicative of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I’m waking up with projectile vomiting. I have facial ticks and find myself acting compulsively. The old cycles of anxiety and depression have returned.

But why? I had been free of them for several months now. I credited my recovery to a combination of good hypnotherapy and my having accepted the reality of my double life. I have even come to regard the visitors as my friends. So why am I now suddenly back at square one? Also, I’ve been having nosebleeds for the past two days.

Oh yes, I also “heard” a voice speak into my left ear as I lay in my bed this morning at about 7:30. It was a male voice and spoke only one word, which I couldn’t understand. The voice was loud and clear and sounded like it had an accent of some kind, perhaps Slovak or East European. Although it sounded like it came from my left side, I really think it originated within my own head rather than from some external source.

This is the first voice that I’ve heard. All the other sounds have been mechanical in nature, a buzzer, a bell or a telephone ring. If this is a communication of some kind, why speak to me in a language that I don’t understand, and then only say one word?

32: A History of Nosebleeds

(From Pages 75 – 76 of Abducted by Aliens, by Chuck Weiss)

Tuesday: May 17, 1994

This evening I had another nosebleed. I just blew my nose into a tissue and the blood began to flow from the left nostril. A susceptibility to nosebleeds is often reported by the “visited.”

It is thought that nosebleeds of this kind are caused by the body reacting to nasal implants inserted by the visitors. Some speculate that they are inserted to stimulate the temporal lobe of the brain, where all the higher emotions of humankind are located, such as feelings of love and compassion and our concepts of truth and justice.

Looking back on it, I’ve had a problem with nosebleeds off and on for most of my life. Once, when I was five or six, I had a particularly bad one when my grandparents and I were on vacation. We were driving over a mountain range when it began, and because of the high elevation it just wouldn’t stop. Happy held my head in the back seat of the car and soaked up the blood with a towel, and Billy had to stop by the side of the road several times to let her ring it out.

I remember her shouting at Billy to get us off the mountain before I bled to death. I especially remember the panic in her voice. She had always remained cool, and even calculating, in an emergency; so to see her panic in this situation was disturbing. It was a frantic ride down off that mountain.

The bleeding stopped when we finally did get down to a lower elevation. I’ve read that in some cases the nosebleeds of abductees was so bad that to stop it, the nostril had to be medically cauterized.

Another lifelong pattern that fits the profile.