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150: An Unsettling Discovery (Part One)

A couple of months after the publication of Abducted by Aliens in September of 2008, I discovered a secret that revealed a disturbing and sinister aspect of my harassment by Majestic. Let me explain how it happened.

I wanted to determine on what nights Majestic agents would enter my apartment as I slept. Sometimes the best results are achieved with methods that are the least dependant on technology. A short length of dental floss was all I needed. The door to my apartment is secured with a typical “dead bolt” lock. There is a gap of about ¼ inch between the door and the door jam, where the bolt is exposed to view when it’s extended. I simply slid one end of the floss into the gap, so that it rested on top of the bolt. If anyone used a key to open the door the bolt would slide back, the floss would fall to the floor, and there would be no way that they could put it back before they left. As long as gravity was still a reality in this universe, I reasoned, I would know the next morning if the door had been opened in the middle of the night. My plan worked flawlessly, too well perhaps.

It wasn’t too long before I awoke to find the floss lying on the floor. The disturbing thing was that I “knew” that it was no longer in place, on top of the dead-bolt, even before I got close enough to see it. As I entered the hallway and started to approach the door, I got a memory flash of having opened the door in the middle of the night to let someone in, and thinking at the time that, if I did, the floss would fall to the floor. I also remembered that I quickly decided to deal with the floss later, because I needed to let “them” in, and that “they” were too important to be left waiting. I stood there and tried to remember who it was that must have knocked on my door and woke me up. I tried to fill in the blanks of that memory flash, but couldn’t remember anything after I unlocked the door. My memory turns to black, just after I see my hand turn back the dead bolt lock. Who I let in I do not know (at least not consciously), but I can certainly guess.

The implication, and it is disturbing to say the least, is that I’ve been “programmed” to cooperate with Majestic, the very people who’ve harassed and tormented me for well over a decade. As much genius as it is diabolical, I’ve been made to work against my own best interests, to in fact become a willing participant in the very protocols of mind control that are used against me.

Normally hypnosis can’t be used to make someone do something against their will. The subconscious mind, your ever watchful guardian, prevents it . . . unless, that is, it’s done in conjunction with the administering of certain drugs. In my book, I’ve described several instances when I’ve found puncture marks on the back of my hands, near a vein. On several occasions I’ve also woken up feeling drugged and disorientated, so much so that I couldn’t go to work. (Post 57, Post 60, Post 63, and Post 65.

To learn that I’m subject to government mind control was disconcerting to say the least. It took some time for me to get over that little shock, and it shook loose another memory fragment that my subconscious mind had kept suppressed.

{To be continued.}

78: The Physical Evidence – I Don’t Remember Having Brain Surgery

(From Pages 145 – 147 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Years ago I found a scar on the back of my neck, just up in the hairline. I was sporting a ponytail at the time. When I shaved my neck, I accidentally went up higher than usual and discovered it using a hand mirror. A friend measured it at just less than five inches in length. {See Photo} Now the question is, “Who did it, the ETs or Majestic?

I also don’t have any major memory lapses in my life. I imagine it would take some time to recover from surgery, especially one that would require such a long incision. Now I know that the ETs can work out of time, so they’re the logical first suspect.12 The length of the scar suggests to me, however, that it might have been Earthly medicine that would have need for that much room to maneuver. I don’t think the ETs would have needed to be so evasive. If that’s true, then the government might be in possession of time-altering technology. (There are some books written from the fringes of UFOlogy that put forth just that hypothesis.) Or perhaps they have some secret medical advancement that speeds the physical healing of wounds, or something like that used in conjunction with a post-hypnotic suggestion for the subject to ignore the affected area for a while.

I personally don’t know the answer, at least not consciously. At first I thought that the ETs might have done some corrective surgery. My grandmother, Happy, died of a brain aneurysm and I thought that maybe they had acted to prevent something similar from happening to me. However two good friends of mine, both of whom happen to be genuine psychics, told me (independently of each other, I might add) that it was a surgical procedure performed by government doctors, meant to interfere with my psychic development. Although the higher psychic functions of humans are located behind the forehead, at the third eye or sixth charka, our animal-like psychic abilities are seated in the primal part of the brain, near the back. Both the higher and lower psychic centers have to work together, I’m told, to produce “self-generated” effects.

In addition to the scar on the back of my neck and the one on my genitals, which I described earlier in my journal, I also have one on my chin. Most of it is hidden in the natural lines under the chin, but the scar turns upwards on the left side and ends quite noticeably at the top.

I also have what I think is a Majestic implant, located directly over my left temple. I have felt it for years, but now that I’m cutting my hair short, it’s quite obvious. It looks and feels like a dark crusted scab, and my head will hurt whenever I touch it, even slightly. The ET implants I have are fleshy in nature and have never caused me any pain.
12 I was later given a dramatic demonstration of their ability to manipulate time and space. See “Missing Time in Bumper-to-Bumper Traffic.” (Post 86)

73: The Physical Evidence – Bruises

(From Page 141 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Very often after a visit by someone in the night (an ET or a Majestic agent, I never know for sure which), I would wake up with bruises on my legs. It used to happen quite often, but now only on rare occasions.

I used to wonder if I was so clumsy that I walked into things when I was with the ETs and in that hypnotic-like mental state. Other times I would think that maybe some of it was because of rough handling by Majestic thugs. I was very upset when I found out that my daughter Katherine was also discovering bruises on her legs for which she couldn’t account. While they never were painful, they were always dark and ugly looking.

Some of the bruising might be caused by the ETs, but some is definitely caused by Majestic’s heavy hand, literally. Some Abductee/Experiencers have found bruises with fingerprints etched in them on their arms and legs, proving they were held down with human hands. Although I never noticed any fingerprints on me, many of the smaller bruises were near what looked like puncture marks. If those marks were from needle punctures, then those bruises might well have been a result of being forcibly held down. Perhaps my attackers wore latex gloves when they administered their injections.

71: The Physical Evidence – Puncture Marks

(From Pages 137 – 140 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

On many occasions over the years, I would discover what looked like puncture marks on various parts of my body, including the backs of my legs and hands. Many of these incidents were duly reported in my journal. (Post 57, Post 60 and Post 63) If they were needle punctures, I don’t know who administrated the injections. It could have been the ETs or my human intruders, although I expect that both do inject me with something at various times for their own separate purposes.

These puncture marks were of two distinct varieties. Some I was able to easily identify as needle injection sites, especially when I felt like I was drugged. Then there were those that appeared in clusters, forming circular or semicircular patterns on the backs of my legs. They were accompanied by a raised portion of the skin directly below the puncture and looked for all the world like mosquito bites. These mosquito-like marks have been reported by other Abductee/Experiencers.

I also have a lower back injury, and in the days leading up to the Bay Area UFO Expo in Santa Clara, California in August of 2006, it was particularly painful in the sciatic area on the left side. I could feel a skin disruption of some kind there, but couldn’t see anything using my personal hand mirror. When I checked into my hotel room, I used the magnifying mirror attached to the wall in the bathroom to get a better look. It was a puncture mark and it was directly over the source of my pain.

It was the first UFO convention that I attended after I restarted work on my book, and I took a room for the weekend so I wouldn’t have to commute the 50 miles each way for both days of the event. I woke up the next morning with a fresh needle mark on the back of my right hand. Cynthia, an Experiencer friend of mine who was also attending the convention, was quite excited when she saw it and showed my hand to several of her friends.

The motives of my human tormentors are fairly easy to discern. I’m told that, aside from wanting to inflict pain and suffering by inflaming old injuries, the abductions by the government (called “military re-abductions”) are often done to “debrief” the Abductee/Experiencer after an ET visit, through the use of hypnosis and sometimes the injection of drugs.

I said earlier that I thought that at least some of my puncture marks were caused by the ETs. But why would they want to inject me with anything?

In the early morning hours of August 17, 1994 I woke up feeling very altered perceptually and staggered to my desk to write two words on my notepad, “I’m metamorphosing.” I wanted to document the thought I had in my head when I woke up, but I couldn’t stay conscious and right afterwards stumbled back to my pillow and “fell asleep.”

The drugs administered by the ETs are, I think, meant to alter me internally. The process, called “Transgenics,” is described in a book by UFO researchers Budd Hopkins and his wife Carol Rainey. The authors believe that, in addition to the human–Alien hybrid program where human female eggs and male sperm are united with Alien genes to form hybrid fetuses, humans are also physically “transformed” using gene therapy.

As to why Aliens would want to alter selected humans, all we can do is speculate. To survive on other planets? To survive here on Earth, after some drastic change that is to come? To change us into a fifth column of methane-breathing Space Bugs in preparation for an invasion? Who knows? All I know is that I don’t.

70: The “Physical” Evidence – A New Series of Posts

(From Page 137 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

When Experiencers go searching for evidence that the strangeness that has taken hold their lives is in fact real and not a figment of their imagination, they often don’t have look beyond their own bodies to confirm that something bizarre is going on in the middle of the night. The sudden appearance of a scoop mark on your leg or the discovery of an unexplained scar or scrape marks can go a long way to proving that you’re not crazy, at least to yourself.

Over the years, there were many times when I would wake up to find that something had happened to my body while I slept. Some of the effects were permanent, others transitory. In this segment I’ll note all the “physical evidence” my body has collected during my years of ET contacts. (The psychological changes I’ve undergone are described elsewhere in this book.)

To be continued in the next eleven posts.

65: Sore Arms & New Puncture Marks

(From Pages 127 – 128 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Saturday, July 22nd

When I woke up this morning around 7:30, my upper arms were sore, like I had done some pull-ups or carried something heavy in both hands for a while. By the time I finished my weekend breakfast at the corner restaurant they didn’t hurt anymore, but as of now (1:30 in the afternoon) they still feel weak. What was I doing last night?

Friday, July 28th

I noticed today two new puncture marks, one on the back of each of my hands. They are symmetrically placed in that both are near the wrists, and about one inch from the edge of the wrist (thumb side). Like all the others, they don’t hurt, but look like they should, because they’re red and ugly looking. The humans evidently never use an alcohol swab. They just jam the needle in. I think these invasions of my body by the Majestic don’t hurt because I’m being cushioned from some of the effects of their harassment by my ET friends.

63: Drugged!

(From Pages 124 – 126 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Friday, July 14th

I woke up today feeling very spacey, like I was drugged. Two hours at work and four cups of coffee later, I still couldn’t shake the feeling. I was making simple mistakes with the paperwork on my desk and finally decided to go home. We are moving part of the office to a new location this afternoon, and although I wanted to stay and help, I knew I couldn’t be useful in my present condition. I’m going to take a nap and hope that helps.

As I powered up my computer to make this notation, I checked the history of my “Window Washer” program (it overwrites the histories of various files on the computer), and it said that the last “wash” overwrote seven Internet-related files. The thing is, I haven’t been able to access the Internet for some time now. When I try, the system message always says that I can’t connect because either the modem is already being used or it’s missing. I have a modem, but I think that Majestic has taken control of it.

Saturday, July 15th

I got up this morning at about 8 o’clock and had my usual weekend breakfast at the corner restaurant. I still felt drugged and the feeling didn’t really leave me until after noon. It was only then that I noticed that I have two new wounds on my right hand. They are red and ugly and appear to be infected, so they would have to have been there for a day or so to have gotten so nasty. The one near the second joint of my thumb is a cut, three sixteenths of an inch long. The other is near a vein on the back of my hand, near the base of the thumb. The vein is raised and that is the only way I would know that it’s there, because I can’t see a vein on my left hand at the same

62: A Birthday Shock & Buzzed by a Helicopter

(From Pages 123 – 124 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Thursday, June 15th

It’s my birthday today. Katherine and her mother picked me up after work and we drove to Katherine’s boyfriend’s place, where Katherine made dinner for all. It was afterwards, when she was standing in the kitchen, that her mother asked her about the bruises on her legs. Although she was wearing a skirt, I hadn’t noticed them until Margaret said something. My heart sank like a stone. Both of Katherine’s legs were covered in bruises. They were of the same size as the ones I’ve been finding on my legs. Katherine said that she didn’t know for sure where she had gotten them, but suspected it was from her job. She picks up trash around the seats in a movie theater, and thinks she might be hitting her shins on the seats. I didn’t say anything to the contrary, although the bruises were all over her legs and not just confined to the limited area where the seats would have been hitting her.

Tuesday, July 4th

I’m vacationing all this week with my friend Arian at her mobile home park for seniors. She is the youngest of those who reside there, having just lived long enough to qualify. I happened to be outside and listening to my transistor radio with its earphones today, when the sound of a helicopter intruded on the talk program I was tuned to. I looked up and saw a helicopter leaving the area. Because of its distance and the way it was positioned in the sky, I couldn’t see if it had markings or not, or even if it had one rotor or two. I had been slow to recognize the sound as that of a helicopter through the head phones and didn’t respond in time. But why would any helicopter buzz a mobile home park for seniors?

60: Infected Puncture Marks & a Migrating Pillow

(From Pages 121 – 122 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Friday, June 9th

This evening I felt a slight pain when I ran my hand over the front of my calf. I took a look and discovered a new puncture mark. It’s infected. They usually are. I think they are meant to be. The ETs can take scoops of flesh from my legs, leaving no blood or infection. My human intruders want me to recognize their handiwork and make sure that their injections are noticed, by insuring that they become infected. It’s supposed to instill fear and induce paranoia. I won’t give them the satisfaction. I don’t know what I’m being injected with, but it seems that in addition to the psychological warfare that’s being waged against me my body is also a battlefield.

Tuesday, June 13th

I sleep with several pillows, including two king-sized pillows, one to support my back and another to put between my knees. I augment the pillow for my back with a smaller one to tuck in here and there, depending on where the aches and pains are at the moment. Whenever I wake up, which is every hour and a half to two hours, I’ll turn over and reposition the small pillow so that it’s at my back again. Last night, I woke up at 4:00 A.M. and did just that, but when I woke up the next time I noticed that the small pillow was not within reach. A complete search of the covers revealed it at the very bottom of the bed and next to the wall. I don’t know how it could have migrated that far, since I don’t move around much in my sleep. When I got home from work, I found a new small bruise next to another mark in the middle of my left shin.

59: Another Friend Who Fits the Profile

(From Page 121 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Tuesday, June 6th

I met Leila for lunch. She works downtown just a few blocks from me. She told me she has become more aware of her own ET experiences over the last few years. I told her of my recent nighttime bruising and she confessed that she sometimes finds unexplained marks on her body, too. I mentioned again that I could count on one hand the number of times that I have slept three or more consecutive hours in the last dozen years before waking up. She confirmed today that she has had, for the last ten years or so, the same interrupted sleep patterns as I have. I came home and reread parts of my journal from 1994, among them the entry of April 26, 1994 when my friend, Dick Mayfield, asked me if he could sleep over because of his “night terrors.” He told me that night that for the past six years he hadn’t slept more than a couple of hours at a time. He apparently suffered from the same sleep disorder as Leila and I do. I think I see a pattern here.

58: Itchy Eyes & Computer Tampering

(From Pages 119 – 121 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Monday, June 5th

When I came home tonight I was very fatigued, so I decided to take a nap before doing anything else. I slept for about two hours (pretty well the maximum I ever sleep at one time) before getting up. When I got up I soon noticed that my eyes were itching, so I went into the bathroom to take a look in the mirror. They were very red, but not swollen, and I bathed them in eye drops. After a half an hour the eye drops have reduced the discomfort and a lot of the redness, but it’s obvious that I need another dose.

Also, when I logged on to my computer this evening my new spyware detection software told me that I had two unauthorized new programs recently installed. The “further details” link for each “alert” said the following.

Product name is not provided.
Company name is not provided.
Copyright information is not provided.

When I tried to remove them, the screen announced, “There are currently no new alerts to view” (meaning the operation was successful), but in a couple of seconds the two pieces of spyware were detected again and the original two alerts reappeared on the screen. I followed the instructions to remove them several times, but the same announcement (followed by the same two alerts) appeared on the screen each time.

The thing is, although my new computer is Internet ready, I haven’t as yet connected to the Internet and gone online, so these two pieces of spyware couldn’t have come from surfing the Web. It’s Majestic’s doing and they wanted me to know that they’re in my computer. I’m sure they know how to plant their spyware so as not to be detected, if they really wanted to.

57: More Body Marks & a Surprise in the Shower

(From Page 119 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Saturday, June 3rd

I discovered at least nine new marks behind my left thigh, maybe a couple more. They seem to be in two groups, one above the other. They’re red but don’t hurt to the touch. They look like mosquito bites or needle marks that have become infected. The marks behind my right thigh are all but gone, with only two still visible. There are also what look like two puncture marks on the back of my left hand. Both are just to the side of a vein. I also found a small bruise just below my right knee today. There’s another bruise halfway down my right shin, just below the new scoop mark that I reported finding in my May 30th journal entry. It’s beside another new puncture mark.

Also, when I took a shower tonight I noticed that the hair on the back of my wrists and on my shoulders was matted with a residue of some sort. It was very difficult to remove with just soap and water, even when I used a scrub brush. It reminded me of the kind of residue left by the gel used by lab technicians, when they place the electrodes on a patient in preparation for an EKG test.

56: “Mosquito Bites” and the Blanket on the Floor

(From Pages 117 – 118 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Wednesday, May 31st

After work, I came home to find the door at the end of the hall to the stairwell was wide open again. I used to think that my neighbor across the way was leaving it open occasionally, even though I posted a sign asking people to keep it shut. I met her recently in the hallway and we talked about the door being left open. She hadn’t known that I made the sign and said she thought it was me that was leaving it open. She agrees that it should be left shut for security reasons. (The homeless sometimes gain entrance to our apartment building through the garage and come up the stairwells, and there have been thefts of bicycles that were left in the hallways.) I’m beginning to think it’s another sign that Majestic has visited while I was away or asleep, when I find it left open in the morning.8

3:00 A.M.:

Tonight I found six marks or more on the back of my right thigh. I have to use a hand mirror to see them. They don’t hurt, but are red and raised and form a part of a circle. They almost look like mosquito bites.

Thursday, June 1st

When I woke up this morning, I found my blanket on the floor at the bottom of the bed. This has happened a few times before, but I don’t see how it could while I’m asleep. I don’t know that I toss and turn that much during the two hours that I normally sleep before waking up. In fact I can’t toss and turn at all because I’m hooked up to a C-PAP machine at night. (It was prescribed for my Sleep Apnea.) If I were to try and turn over in my sleep, the plastic air hose would bunch up and break the seal of my face mask. That would certainly wake me up.
8 Majestic was the code name used for a blue-ribbon committee formed by President Truman to investigate the crash of a flying saucer near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. It is thought that this committee (or one like it) later took control of all matters related to UFOs, including, no doubt, the covert surveillance of Abductees/Experiencers.

55: Picking Up the Pen Again

(From Pages 116 – 117 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Tuesday: May 30, 2006 continued

I was urged to resume this UFO journal by my close friend, Arian, when she recently visited me. She scolded me for failing to finish any of my writing projects. She went on to accuse me of sitting on my rear end for the last ten years or more, ignoring my purpose here on Earth, which she believes is to help other UFO Experiencers.

I don’t know about my purpose in life, but she is right about one thing. I haven’t done much for a very long while, except to try to focus on work and pay the bills on time. Most people do this easily every day of the week, but most people don’t have to also deal with paradigm shifts and government harassment on a continuing basis. After a while I found it easier (and safer) not tell my UFO stories, except to a small circle of friends who have learned to be patient with me. No more going to UFO conventions and networking with other Experiencers. There was less grief to be had if I laid low.

Well, I’m in my late 50s now. I live alone and I have very little to lose. I’ve decided to at least finish this for my daughter. She’s going away to college in the fall after finishing her first two years close at home. I’ll give her the manuscript after she graduates. I don’t want to give her anything disturbing to think about until after she’s through with her studies. I don’t know if I’ll actually publish this, but I do need to put it all down on paper. There is so much that has happened, and it continues to happen almost every day. I’ll continue to report the major events in my journal.

The two unexplained bruises I found on my left shin have stopped being sensitive to the touch and seem to be almost healed, except that they are still quite dark in color. One is halfway down my right calf and right over a new scoop mark. The other is halfway between the first bruise and my ankle.

I discovered a new scoop-mark on my right shin about a week ago. The first one, which I received years before, has since filled in.  See photo.

36: My Second Spontaneous Healing

(From Pages 83 – 84 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Tuesday: June 7, 1994

I’ve evidently had a second spontaneous healing a couple of nights ago. For the past few months I’ve had a bad case of tendonitis in the middle finger of my left hand, with the pain most acute in the morning after waking up from hours of inactivity. As the day would wear on the pain would lessen somewhat, but never to any great extent.

A few days ago I was just sick and tired of the constant pain and, remembering the “exercise healing” of February 21st, I wished out loud that “they” would repeat their medical miracle. In fact, I demanded it. “You owe me!” I told them. Apparently they heard and responded.

For the past two days I’ve had no pain in that finger and can use it as if nothing was ever wrong, although it now bends with a snap as if it’s “double-jointed.” It appears they had to shorten the tendon in that area. Those little guys can actually be useful!

They were here last night as well. I just discovered that one of the scabs at the base of my neck has returned, although this time it’s about two inches below where the previous scabs had formed. I give myself a thorough inspection every night and it wasn’t there when I went to bed.

The lump that I’ve had at the base of my neck since at least mid-January has disappeared as well. Both sides of my spine in that area are now symmetrical. Was that an implant, which they have now removed for some reason? Were the scabs, which formed off and on in that area, incisions in the skin to service the implant? I don’t know, and I don’t know if I ever will know. That’s one of the frustrating things about all of this. Will I ever find out what’s happening?

29: A Very Personal Inspection

(From Pages 67 – 69 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Thursday: May 12, 1994

I saw Dr. Irving Katz today. He’s an elderly Jewish urologist who has many years of experience performing circumcisions. My primary doctor referred me to him in an attempt to determine if there might be a medical explanation for the scar on the underside of my penis (post #4).

He described it as an extension of the median raphe, the dividing line between the left and right halves of the scrotum. Although it is rare, he said that it sometimes extends from the scrotum sack up the underside of the penal shaft. It would seem that mine is particularly rare, in that the extension is irregular in width and color and is not in a straight line at all.

Although Dr. Katz’s examination should put this part of the mystery to rest, I’m not so sure. From the questions he asked (and didn’t ask) and the tone of his voice, I got the impression that he might have consulted with my primary doctor before meeting with me today. This is quite possible, as their offices are in the same medical building, in fact right next door to each other. That only dawned on me today, when I showed up for my appointment.

If in fact my primary doctor did share what he had read in my journal with Dr. Katz, then Dr. Katz might have felt that his first duty to me was to put my mind at rest concerning the scar on my penis. If his patient couldn’t remember having had major surgery in that area of the body and believed himself to be abducted by Aliens, even if it did look like a surgical scar, it would be understandable that he would not want to add to my anxiety by admitting that he didn’t have any other explanation. From the moment he walked into the examining room, he seemed determined to put me at ease, acting as if my questions were commonplace.

The doctor seemed genuinely puzzled, however, when he examined me. It seemed to be a genuine mystery to him, as, one by one he had to discard possible explanations for what he saw – first Peyronie’s Disease, then sebaceous cysts and finally penile warts. After determining that I had none of these, he finally settled on a rare variation of the median raphe, as the only possible explanation.

Maybe I’ll get another opinion sometime when I can afford to pay for the examination myself and not go through my health plan’s referral process. I’ll need to be more forthcoming about my suspicions, though, if I’m ever to get a doctor to admit that he doesn’t have an explanation.

I have my first hypnotherapy appointment tomorrow. Even after waiting so long for this, I’m nervous as hell.

6: Sleep Problems, Night Terrors & a Feeling of Dread

(From Pages 15 – 16 of Abducted by Aliens, by Chuck Weiss)

Tuesday: March 1, 1994

I still can’t sleep well, day or night. It’s very rare that I’ll sleep more than two or three hours straight before waking up.

Last night I woke up in a panic. I have no memory of having a nightmare, or of dreaming at all for that matter, yet I flung myself up in bed. My heart was racing and I felt very anxious. After a few deep breaths, I was able to calm myself. I got up for five minutes or so and then went back to bed. Usually if a dream is frightening enough to wake you, you have at least the memory of having a nightmare. I have no idea what frightened me awake.

My stomach acid is way up. In addition to the Zantac tablets I normally take, I have to take a couple of antacids before going to bed. If I don’t, I’m likely to wake up with a mouthful of stomach acid. This is getting very tiresome.

Tuesday: March 22, 1994 (3:00 A.M.)

As I was getting ready for bed tonight, I noticed in the bathroom mirror that the two scabs I noticed in late January have returned. They are in the same location, at the base of my neck between the shoulders. When I saw them, my heart sank to the pit of my stomach. This is the third time that I remember seeing them and each time they were in exactly the same spot. When I look at them, I’m filled with dread. I’m afraid, but I don’t know what of.

I still have major problems sleeping. I catnap whenever I can, but a cat sleeps more soundly than I do. My annual check-up with my doctor is this afternoon. I hope that he can answer some of my questions.

4: Audio Hallucinations, a Troubling Scar & crystallized Blood

(From Pages 11 – 13 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Thursday: January 20, 1994

I woke up twice again last night to the single ring of a telephone, once at 1:26 A.M. and again at 3:21 A.M. (I’ve decided to note all the details as accurately as possible and to include them in this journal.) I had disconnected the telephone in my bedroom and turned off the ringers of the other house phones before I went to bed. As I suspected, these are audio hallucinations.

While it is disturbing, to say the least, to think that I am having hallucinations of any sort, I have discovered something even more unnerving. Thinking about the two scabs on the back of my neck reminded me of something an old girlfriend said about a year ago. We had been making love when she noticed that there was a scar on my genitals. Perhaps it was the passion of the moment, but I forgot about what she had said until now.

I examined myself closely tonight and, sure enough, there is a long scar that runs the full length of the shaft on the underside of my penis, from tip to base, and continues a quarter of the way around at the bottom. It looks as if I was filleted, like a fish. I certainly do not remember anything to explain such a scar. I have an appointment for my annual physical in a couple of months. I’ll ask my doctor how old the scar appears to be. Even if there was a slip of the knife during my circumcision as an infant, I don’t understand how an accident like that could have caused such a long and extensive wound, or why I wouldn’t have noticed it until now.

Friday: January 21, 1994

I took the telephone off line again last night, but I have no memory of having any audio hallucinations. The two scabs have all but disappeared from where I found them a couple of days ago, at the base of my neck and between the shoulders. I think I can see a couple of lines or faint scars.

There is also a bulge on my neck, just above where the scabs were and a little to the left of the spine. I’m mentioning this only to be thorough in my observations. It may have been there before. I don’t remember noticing it, though.

Sunday: February 20, 1994

Today the top of my head felt tender. I felt a scab of some sort, and as I rubbed it small granules of dried blood came off on my fingers. It had the consistency of crystallized sugar. I’ve never known a scab to form that way. Usually a scab is a hard, crusted thing, not something that crumbles into granules in your hand. I have no idea how I might have injured myself.

I’ve “heard” some more audio hallucinations the past couple of nights. They were the same telephone ring, but not nearly as loud as the ones I heard last month. After I heard the first one I was too sleepy to try and stay awake, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

I’ve also had headaches, off and on, throughout the day.

3: My Awakening to Alien Abduction

(From Pages 8 – 11 of Abducted by Aliens, by Chuck Weiss)

In January of 1994 I began to experience a series of curious incidents, which when considered together presented a mystery that I could not ignore. I decided early on to record these events as they occurred, so as not to lose any details to a faulty memory. Everything reported herein happened as described. – – Chuck Weiss

“And you know something is happening,
But you don’t know what it is,
Do you Mr. Jones?” – – Bob Dylan

Wednesday: January 19, 1994

Some strange things have been happening. I think it might be wise if I put this down on paper. I want to be sure that later I remember everything correctly. I don’t know why. I just have an uneasy feeling about this. Here goes.

I woke up twice last night to the ring of my bedside telephone. The first time was at 2:20 A.M. It happened again a couple of hours later. Both times when I answered the phone, all I heard was the dial tone.

This has happened several nights in a row now. The first few times I heard a bell and woke up puzzled because nothing in my bedroom could produce a bell tone. After that the sound has been that of a ringing telephone. I have a definite memory of once being woken up by a loud buzzer. At first I thought it was the clock-radio alarm. Actually I remember hearing the buzzer sound more than once. I remember the second time thinking that I really did have to check the clock radio, as I had thought to do earlier.

I’ll disconnect the telephone tonight and set the alarm for a special time to be sure they’re not at fault. But the ring has always been a bit subdued and doesn’t have quite the same tone as the telephone in my bedroom.

Another thing – as I sat in the living room thinking about all of this, I suddenly got the feeling that I should go into the bathroom and inspect myself closely. When I did I noticed two small parallel lines, about ½ to ¾ of an inch long, low on the back of my neck above the shoulder blades. They appear to be newly formed scabs.

As I stood pondering how I could have scratched myself so deeply as to draw blood without noticing it, I realized that I had seen these two scabs before in exactly the same place about a year ago. At the time I dismissed it. People are always hurting themselves in minor ways without knowing it. But now this is the second time these scabs have formed in exactly the same place. I’m sure of it and the feeling of déjà vu is unsettling.

There is also a long scrape mark across my left shoulder. It’s red and ugly looking, but strangely it doesn’t hurt. I don’t know how I got it. This is too weird.