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179: The Research of Melinda Leslie: Part 7

In this series of posts, I present the ground-breaking research of Melinda Leslie, a brave woman who investigates what she calls the re-abductions of ET abductees by a secret arm of our intelligence community. She’s written a comprehensive presentation of her work that she gives at UFO conventions around the country, and she has given me permission to republish it here in its entirety. (It’s also available at her website for a modest fee.) Because Melinda’s work touches on so much of what I’ve experienced directly, and on what has been communicated to me by Harold’s chorus of Grays, I’ve also added my comments that appear below her text in bold-italic type. Ms. Leslie has not reviewed my comments and they do not necessarily reflect her views.

Reprinted From: “The Covert-Ops’ Reverse-Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees” © 2010 Melinda Leslie

Which Abductees Came Forward First?

[For Abductee/Experiencers who think that the military might be involved in their lives, I recommend reading what others like us have written about their encounters with Majestic. Search the internet for the names below to find what they’ve published. Leah Haley’s book, Lost Was the Key, was the first book I read on the subject back in the mid 1990s, and it helped me greatly just to know that I wasn’t the only UFO contactee under surveillance by my government. – cw]

Known Military involvement cases and examples:

Christa Tilton: Taken to an underground base

Leah Haley: Direct confrontation in airport, Home under surveillance, Interrogation after drop off by aliens

Betty Andreason Luca: Helicopter and phone harassment

Whitley Strieber: Break-ins to his home, Threats and warning

Pam Hamilton: Daytime break-in and taken to underground base

Licia Davidson: Extensive helicopter harassment & surveillance,           Medical report of being drugged, Direct face-to-face confrontations, Electronic phone voice

Karla Turner: Phone voice breaking in and commenting on her & client’s conversation

Cassie Turner: Interrogations

Debbie Jordan Kauble: Alien implant removed

Diane Johnson: Driven in a van and saw installation she was being taken to

Kay Wilson

Angela Thompson Smith

Michael Bershad

Kim Carlsberg

Steve Neil

Beth Collings

Anna Jamerson

M. Johnson

Larry Warren

Shelly Thompson

What Are Their Experiences?

Leah Haley remembered being taken by a helicopter to a military base where she was interrogated concerning her alleged alien abduction experiences:

“. . . I was struggling with them as I was coming off the helicopter. I don’t understand why they’re taking me in there. I felt a sudden chill. It’s cold. There’s a man on each side of me holding my arms tightly. They’re taking me into a building . . . I see men seated along the left side of a conference room table. The man in the blue uniform is standing to my right. A man decorated with military pins is standing at the opposite end of the table and somebody is giving me a shot in the right arm. It feels like a tetanus shot. The guys in uniform are still holding me tightly . . . They force me into a chair . . . I am just feeling dizzy . . . the man from the helicopter says; “here she is. She’s a cocky little bitch.” Then somebody on the other side of the room said; ‘Well, we’ll just take care of that! . . . Somebody from behind me put a jacket around my shoulders . . . “

Interestingly, Leah Haley recalled a similar brainwashing scenario as myself. She also has no memory of what they asked her before. Leah goes on to say; “. . . there’s a man talking to me. He is telling me I haven’t seen anything. He is not very nice. I don’t see him because I’m so dizzy. I’m leaning my head over. First he was on the other side of the room, but now he comes close to me and sort of props himself up against the table. He said, ‘You didn’t see a spaceship’ . . . They are angry . . . ‘It’s none of your damn business . . . You hadn’t seen anything . . . You don’t know anything.’ There is a lady with a blue uniform in the room. She brought in a tape recorder. She laid it on the end of the table at the other end of the room . . .”

The husband of the late Dr. Karla Turner, Casey Turner, also recalled an abduction where he was drugged, taken to a military underground facility and interrogated by a military officer. Inside the underground area he saw large man-made storage tanks, with a building constructed into the side of the tunnel or a big cavern. Casey was escorted by men through doors into a waiting area, where he saw lots of people.

Casey believes that they interrogated and drugged these people too. He remembered the following: “. . . They are all sitting there, sort of in a daze, like they’ve been drugged. Just waiting for somebody to come and take them away . . . I keep getting the feeling that there’s a military officer who’s real angry . . . Real impatient . . . I don’t have a face to connect with it, but there’s a military officer that I’m not cooperating with . . . yeah, I am not cooperating and they’re real perplexed . . . I’m not cooperating with them . . . I’m not in the state of mind they want me to be in . . . I get the feeling they want to know, maybe they’re trying to find out what it is we know . . . I see a military dress uniform . . . Green military dress uniform . . . I can tell gray hair, clean-shaven . . . I’m escorted by the guard out of the room. We turn left, we turn right and go for some distance.”

“. . . There are doors, they aren’t paneled, just steel doors . . . Now I’m in a small room where I see only three pieces of furniture, just a metal chair, straight-backed, and I’m sitting in the chair. And a desk, plain military-type with nothing on top. With an officer standing behind it. He’s got a chair, but he’s not sitting in it. The guard stands outside and shuts the door. It’s just me and this officer guy. Like he’s in charge. And I don’t like him, so I won’t answer his questions . . . I’m fighting, I’m rebelling . . . I can hear him yelling . . . ‘Tell me, Tell me . . .’ That’s all I can remember . . . “

What is the Evidence

The evidence for ET abductions in general:

  • Punctures to the skin [Yes – cw]
  • Bruises [Ditto – cw]
  • Cuts [Yes – cw]
  • Hair Loss [ Just what comes with old age – cw]
  • X-rays
  • Needle Marks [Several times – cw]
  • Scars that appear overnight
  • Scoop marks & others [Yes – cw]
  • Rashes in strange patterns [Yes – cw]
  • Burn marks on body [Yes, “nighttime sunburns” (radiation burns) – cw]
  • Implants removed [Yes – cw]
  • Gynecological problems [Not my kind of problem – cw]
  • Urological problems [Yes – cw]
  • Landing traces with soil samples or burn marks on the ground [I live in an apartment – cw]
  • Lie detector tests [No, but I’d be willing to take one – cw]
  • Documented missing time [Yes – cw]
  • Witnesses to the experience [Yes – cw]
  • Mass group abduction of more than one abductee at a time [Yes – cw]
  • Collaborating stories of abductees who have never met and are unaware of each other’s experiences, or of any similar accounts in the research data [I’ve had two such incidents – cw]

The evidence for covert-ops involvement:

  • Bruises after experience [Much evidence of “rough handling” – cw]
  • Physical symptoms [Yes, knees and thumb wrenched. I now have to wear braces to bed. – cw]
  • Telephone interruptions
  • Mail tampering
  • Followed in car [Yes – cw]
  • Agents taking photos [Yes – cw]
  • Break-in with photos or documents missing {Break-ins with various items missing – cw]
  • Direct in-person confrontations [Yes – cw]
  • Eyewitnesses to re-abductions and harassment/surveillance [Yes – cw]
  • Photos of helicopter fly-bys [Fly-by, but no photos. Was also followed by a drone helicopter. – cw]
  • Drugged with medical lab tests [Drugged in the middle of the night several times, but no lab tests were conducted. – cw]
  • Being watched and/or followed [Several times – cw]
  • Seeing installation location you were taken to and later verifying its existence
  • Matching story to underground base research as confirmation of where one was taken
  • “Insiders” confirmation

More evidence for covert-ops involvement

  • Being befriended by “insiders” who offer assistance

– From Diary of an Abduction by Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D.: “The individual is befriended by, socializes with, or is even romantic with a “minder” who has links with the government or military, especially with any of the intelligence agencies, military medical units, or government medical contractors. More often a male befriends a female, although same [sex?] minders have been known. The minder may offer massages, or similar, to the individuals they are minding. If a romantic liaison occurs, the minder enters a sexual relationship with the abductee early in the relationship.”

  • Another abductee was told by their “minder” that they were involved in ufology to “derail the train.” This is very similar to some comments that were made to me by the same type of individuals.
  • Abductees share “attaching” of military or intelligence people who are suddenly involved in the abductee’s everyday life thought seemingly normal situations. The abductees often give these individuals nick-names. Some examples: “X,” “Bulldog,” and “Destiny Man.”
  • These events serve as confirmation of validation for the abductee’s covert-ops experiences. I call these confirmations “milab moments.”
  • Abductees are seeing the same covert people involved repeatedly in their experiences:

– “the red haired captain,” “the red haired doctor,” or “the interrogator with red hair,” and “the older man with the silver hair.”

  • Artifacts are left behind by whoever is performing the abductions:

– Missed security stickers being found on tampered mail, implant devices, medical equipment, containers, medical devices.

– One abductee used the artifacts they found to trace these activities to various government contractors employed in medical research.

– Another Abductee researched and tied various mind-control inventions to some of her abductors and to some intel “minders.”

  • Many abductees seem to fall under some form of financial attack after other methods fail to silence or deter them from the subject.

– These financial difficulties appear to be timed and increase in severity in direct relationship to the degree the abductee’s case is investigated or they attempt to go public. This causes many abductees to pull out and claim, “It’s not worth it.” When the abductee backs off, the problems mysteriously go away, reinforcing a fear of coming forward. I have seen the effectiveness of this in too many cases to be by chance.

What is the Evidence for My Experiences?

[Just want to be clear. This is evidence of Ms. Leslie’s experiences, not mine. – cw]

The evidence for my experiences:

  • Vapor monitor verified as accurate
  • Helicopters with witnesses(Once while online with another abductee)

  • Phone interruptions(Witnessed Licia’s electronic voice responding to us)
  • Red hair interrogator also seen by others
  • Military uniforms seen and later verified as existing
  • Bruises with photos
  • Equipment and technology seen verified as existing
  • Medical surgical procedures performed were verified as known procedures
  • Location of bade and its description verified by four “insiders”
  • Alpha-numeric insignia seen, verified by “insider”
  • Unique gun seen, also verified

Supported by “insiders” who confirmed various parts:

  • Vance Davis – procedures used, location seen, red hair guy and uniform details
  • Bill Uhouse – specific technology seen that matches something he was briefed on that he said there is no way [he] could have known, except unless [he] had experienced it.
  • Bob Dean – certain language used and procedures
  • Bill Holden – specific underground location seen
  • Un-named – procedures, specific location, weapon see, red hair guy and technology items
  • Un-named – via a confrontation and threat he confirmed the experiences of another covert-ops abductee as well as myself
  • Un-named – technology and procedures, all standard
  • Un-named – Specific location and procedures

(To be continued)

177: The Research of Melinda Leslie: Part 5

In this series of posts, I present the ground-breaking research of Melinda Leslie, a brave woman who investigates what she calls the re-abductions of ET abductees by a secret arm of our intelligence community. She’s written a comprehensive presentation of her work that she gives at UFO conventions around the country, and she has given me permission to republish it here in its entirety. (It’s also available at her website for a modest fee.) Because Melinda’s work touches on so much of what I’ve experienced directly, and on what has been communicated to me by Harold’s chorus of Grays, I’ve also added my comments that appear below her text in bold-italic type. Ms. Leslie has not reviewed my comments and they do not necessarily reflect her views.

Reprinted From: “The Covert-Ops’ Reverse-Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees” © 2010 Melinda Leslie

Why is This Happening?

  • Why spend so much time and money on the involvement with the abductees? The Technology again!
  • From all the crash retrievals alone (over 75 documented cases) we know that they are pursing the technology (let alone what so many “insiders” have shared about technology programs).

[Those documented cases are itemized in Ryan Wood’s book, “MAJIC Eyes Only.” – cw]

  • Wouldn’t they be asking, “How does this technology work?
  • And, put that together with what I’ve explained regarding the sheer number of abductees and wouldn’t they also be asking, “Could some of these abductees know something?
  • They also would have figured out long ago that it takes psi abilities to operate the alien technology. That there is a direct “mental interface” with the technology and that it reads your thoughts. (More on this later.)
  • Wouldn’t they be trying to get the upper hand on the technology in an attempt to interact with or meet the aliens on some level, to understand them. Or, might they be attempting to just hold their own, to somewhat “level the playing field” as much as possible.

There are 4 categories of information the covert-ops ET information management people are looking for as reported from the RE-AB experience:

  • ET Motives and Agenda
  • ET and Abductee Genetics
  • ET and Abductee Psi Abilities
  • ET technology and its Operation

What is the Reverse-Engineering Program?

Acclaimed researcher Richard Dolan explained it best in the following lecture description titled After the Retrievals: The covert Program to Replicate Alien Technology:

“Obtaining a UFO is one thing, but what next? Clearly, such exotic technology has to have [a] home within deeply secret places where scientists can study it. Such a program would be nearly as old as UFO secrecy itself, although most researchers overlook this crucial piece of the puzzle. Today, there is enough information to construct an outline of the program to replicate alien technology over the last 50 years. This program involves intense secrecy, privatization, gravity research, and more. The evidence is strong that real breakthroughs have been made and that applications are being used covertly, such as within a secret space program. Secrecy about these programs and technological breakthroughs must be maintained because revelations could unravel the entire structure of secrecy. This includes not only the truth about extraterrestrials, but of the labyrinth of illegal black infrastructure that has become entrenched as a true state within a state.”

What does the covert-ops ET information management people want to reverse-engineer from abductees?

  1. What makes us an abductee, and why are the ETs interested in us?
  2. What is it about our genetics that interests the ETs? Have any genetic enhancements been made to us?
  3. What do we know about ET motives, or about an ET agenda?
  4. What mind control procedures can they learn, develop or practice from us or on us?
  5. What are our psi (paranormal) abilities? Have they been enhanced?
  6. How do we do ET psi like telepathy and psychokenesis?
  7. What are our mental abilities? Have they been enhanced?
  8. What have the ETs told, shown, or taught us?
  9. What do we know about ET technology like propulsion systems, navigation, or weapons?
  10. How do we operate ET technology, and can we operate a piece handed to us?
  11. What types of training procedures can the humans develop from what we know?
  12. What medical info can they develop from what we know or from our physical bodies, or what can they practice on us?
  13. How do we proceed and/or retain ET information? How do we adapt to ETs?
  14. How do we adapt to living with our experiences?
  15. What can they duplicate and apply to our human technology or to our personnel?

What Are They Reverse-Engineering?

The previous questions come directly from the abductees’ accounts of what the interrogators asked during the re-abduction scenarios. They make logical sense when you follow a crash-retrieval and reverse engineering developmental curve. First, there were the retrieved ET craft, then there were the retrieved components (technology) from those craft, and then there were the pilots and operators (technicians). These individuals would otherwise be known as the personnel. It is logical when you develop the hardware, you’re left with asking who’s going to operate it and how are they going to do it? Logical, right?

Certainly those involved with the management [of] covert-ops thought to consider the personal accounts of those with first-hand, hands-on ET tech experience, i.e. those who may have operated it, worked its components, navigated, or flown it. Of course they would have! Let’s suppose that crash retrievals are about having ET technology, and reverse engineering it is about having human technicians that do what ET technicians do, or mimic it. Then reverse-engineering crashed, shot down, or retrieved alien craft is not just about having ET hardware, but about having human techs that do what an ET tech does.

Reverse engineering the abductee is not about learning how to abduct people (oops . . . well okay . . . so maybe it is to some degree . . . hence all the practice and development of mind control procedures, but really that’s secondary, a spin off, a bi-product if you will, albeit a rather convenient one), but reverse engineering the abductee is more about having personnel that are able to do what abductees are able to do.

[I can certainly attest to the fact that mind-control protocols were used on me. Again I refer to Post #150 and Post #151, “An Unsettling Discovery, Parts 1 & 2.” – cw]

No wonder my research has come across the use of abductees in military and covert-ops training procedures. Not because they plan on using the abductees in some future scenario, but to develop training procedures vis-à-vis the abductees. Abductees would be much too big of a risk to be used directly. We are way too unreliable, prone to go public at any minute, too talkative, would insist on that pesky disclosure thing, and (usually) don’t have the military or covert-ops training needed. Face it, we’re just not “yes” men! But, what we do have can possibly be taught to these kinds of individuals. It appears they’re trying regardless.

If reverse engineering the craft is about the technology, then reverse engineering the abductee is about the personnel!

Or, better yet, it’s about the personnel AND the technology. Because when the covert-ops personnel question the abductees, they get both technical information and operational information.

Another way to look at it: You need a hybrid person to operate a hybrid technology. (No wonder there’s also a covert interest in abductees’ genetics!) Or, maybe a little more accurately, you need a hybrid-functioning person to operate a hybrid-functioning technology.

[Abductee/Experiencers are being cloned by Majestic. A good friend of mine has seen a man several times at a coffee bar in my neighborhood who may in fact be my clone. He appears to be a younger version of me and sports a short “military style” haircut. I suspect he’s part of my surveillance team. – cw]

Why Are They Developing the Technology?

In the covert-ops efforts to get their hands on ET technology they gather and reverse-engineer craft, and just like they gather craft they also gather and reverse-engineer abductees. It appears they are doing this for the exact same reasons: the development of advanced technologies, back-engineering of ET craft, information on the ETs themselves, and control over every aspect of these issues/ I have deduced that their push for technology may exist for the following three reasons.

  1. Militarism – The old military mindset may be at work and would certainly apply if the covert-ops community thinks the ETs may be a threat. Whether preparing for a “hot war” or a “cold war” with ETs, it justifies a whole lot of black project spending.   Even if they are only preparing for some possible future scenario that could be seen as justification enough for a military buildup in the form of ET-tech.

[UFO related projects are so secret I doubt that their funding would be included (in any appreciable way) in the regular “Black Budget” that has to be approved by the Senate Committee on Intelligence. They are funded by other means. Back in the 1980s, for example, during the meltdown of the Savings and Loan institutions there was a “one-day” news story (reported on KGO Radio in San Francisco) that a good third of the S&L losses were thought to have been funneled to the CIA. I never heard anything further after that one broadcast. – cw]

  1. Politics – They may be attempting to be level the playing field and hold their own with the ETs, or working towards eventually joining as partners in a “galactic community.”

[We shoot down their flying craft at every opportunity, and then expect to be welcomed as “partners in a galactic community?” Not likely. – cw]

  1. Economy – The bottom line may be the bottom line.       ET technology would be potentially lucrative in preparation for commerce and trade with ETs, as well as in the military –industrial complex’s development and application for more mundane uses, let alone the economic potential for advancement of military technologies and any development of breakthrough ET-related technologies. I heard an insider say that “ET technology is an infinite source of wealth” for those managing the information and their secret programs.

[Again, we are in a shooting war with the ETs and normal relations, including interstellar “commerce and trade,” is not part of Majestic’s current agenda. – cw]

(To be continued)

176: The Research of Melinda Leslie: Part 4

In this series of posts, I present the ground-breaking research of Melinda Leslie, a brave woman who investigates what she calls the re-abductions of ET abductees by a secret arm of our intelligence community. She’s written a comprehensive presentation of her work that she gives at UFO conventions around the country, and she has given me permission to republish it here in its entirety. (It’s also available at her website for a modest fee.) Because Melinda’s work touches on so much of what I’ve experienced directly, and on what has been communicated to me by Harold’s chorus of Grays, I’ve also added my comments that appear below her text in bold-italic type. Ms. Leslie has not reviewed my comments and they do not necessarily reflect her views.

Reprinted From: “The Covert-Ops’ Reverse-Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees” © 2010 Melinda Leslie

What Are My Experiences?

[Just want to be clear. These are descriptions of Ms. Leslie’s experiences, not mine. – cw]

I have the basic “standard” and “normal” ET abduction experiences and the following military involvement experiences:

  • Harassment & Surveillance experiences

                  Helicopter incidents, phone incidents, threats, influenced to harm self.

  • Military re-abductions and alien/military combined experiences
    1. Early 1990 – 2 roommates witnessed “military men” shouting orders to me in the middle of the night. I have no memory or this.
    2. July 27, 1990 – Missing time while driving with 2 friends, taken by ETs with a man in naval uniform present monitoring the procedures.
    3. July 21, 1993 – Gynecological medical procedures performed by humans in an underground facility Haz-Mat clean-room environment.
    4. Nov. 23, 1993 – Flown on human built triangular ship, miscommunication screw-up, drugs administered and interrogated about ET technology.
    5. Mid 1990s – Experience with a friend while traveling in Sedona Arizona. Car stopped by military personnel and I was escorted away from my friend.
    6. Late 1990s – Interrogation and threatened with a gun put to my head in military style tent on a military base located in California desert.
    7. Aug. 20 2000 – Abducted with friend out of her apartment and taken to underground base.       Both of us were interrogated, threatened, and saw reptilian with military. Photo evidence of break in to home.

In November of 1993 I was abducted, drugged, and taken by two men in camouflage to an underground facility. In this experience I was also flown on a triangle shaped craft and left standing alone in a large empty hanger.

I have undergone extensive hypnosis regressions concerning this event. When I was discovered being alone in the hanger, by what appeared to be one of the pilots of the triangle craft that flew me, he walked up to me and said, “You’re not supposed to be here.” . . . “What are you still doing here? . . . and then he yelled at me, “Why are you still here?!!!”

This pilot then escorted me out of the hanger, which backed into an underground tunnel, and out into the tunnel, which appeared to be an underground road. The pilot was cussing under his breath the entire time and looking around for someone who could explain why I was left alone. It appears that someone was supposed to have been there waiting for me and was not. In the tunnel, we were met by 3 military guards, 2 guys in lab coats, and an older gentleman in a green full dress military Naval uniform who came walking from way down this road.

According to Helmut Lammer, and I agree with him, this experience shows that not all the military personnel on the base had the “need to know” concerning what was going on. And that there was some sort of communication breakdown that caused the confusion. Or, it may have been made to appear that way.

After the pilot was rebuked and released, I was escorted into a room off the tunnel by the 3 guards, the man in full uniform and the 2 guys in lab coats. Inside there was a conference table and chairs. One of the guards quickly grabbed one of the chairs, sliding it across the linoleum floor, swung it around, and very forcibly pointed for me to sit in it. The man in full uniform said, as if to apologize for the guard’s behavior, “Please won’t you sit down?” Then he said something to the guards and he and the older of the 2 men in lab coats exited the room, turned immediately and entered a door to a room with a two-way mirror window, just adjacent to the room we were in.

As I was sitting there in the chair with the 3 guards stand in “parade rest” around me, a red-haired man in khaki uniform entered the room from the other side. He excused the guards, who were referring to him as Captain, and they then left and only he and the younger man in the lab coat remained. The man in the lab coat gave me a shot in the arm. Also, he later had me drink a very bitter chalky tasting fluid.

I was very frightened as this red-hair Captain started to accuse me of having done something wrong. Like the screw-up I witnessed had somehow been my fault. He pointed his finger at me and spoke very harshly. He kept looking in my eyes like he was expecting to see them change from the drugs taking effect. He turned to the guy in the lab coat who nodded to him. I could soon feel the drugs coming on. When this red-haired Captain spoke, it was like he was speaking in slow motion. When he moved his arms, I could see the movement of his arm. I knew I had just been heavily drugged.

I was having a hard time understanding what he was asking me. I was extremely confused and did not understand what he was accusing me of. I did not know what it was I had done wrong. I told him I didn’t do anything. I kept telling him that I didn’t know what he wanted. He accused me further of being uncooperative and threatened me. I pleaded with him to just ask me again.

At this point he signaled to the guy in the lab coat, who then turned and opened the door to the room. The guards came back in and grabbed me by the arms and escorted me out the door, across the room, and into another door. In a small dark room were standing a bunch of guards, big guys, who then pushed me around in what was a horrifying and frightening experience. They made me think I was going to die. I really thought they were going to kill me. I was knocked back onto the floor and I started to kick and scream and push them away. Eventually they picked me up, the door was opened, and in walked one of the previous guards, who then escorted me back to the interrogation room where the red-haired captain and the guy in the white lab coat were still waiting.

The red-haired man then asked me questions about the alien’s technology. Helmut Lammer said in his book that he does not believe that the alien hybrids in military uniforms described by David Jacobs would be interested in the experiences of humans, which were allegedly done by the creators of the hybrids! This, as Helmut points out, would be very strange, since the alien/hybrids should know more about the motives and technology of the alleged alien abductors than the abductees would.

[That would depend on who made the hybrid, the Grays or Majestic. I was told that any ETs seen working with the military are Majestic’s clones, created using DNA recovered from downed ET craft. Both sides also maintain their own separate hybrid program. Those beings created by Majestic (either as a hybrid or through cloning) are under their control, and are probably kept on a “short leash” and informed on a “need to know” basis only. – cw]

In my interrogation, they were most interested in information about the UFO technology as well as motives of the aliens. I was asked; “What have they asked you? Tell me about their technology. Tell me about the drive system, the drive mechanism. How do you know about it? How are you able to do it? Tell me about what they told you to do! What did they tell you? What did they ask you to do? Tell me, tell me, tell me.” He ended here with saying, “You know, you’re not theirs . . . you are ours! . . .”

This interrogation was very traumatic since I cannot recall that I answered his questions. My hypnotherapist calmed me down as I had begun crying due to that last remark. As Helmut pointed out, after this interrogation I was brainwashed; “You couldn’t tell me now even if you wanted to,” he said, “You can’t talk right now. You couldn’t tell me even if you tried. We fixed that. Don’t try! You won’t remember any of this, we fixed it!”

“You won’t remember this! It’s a bad dream. We are taking care of that! You will not remember! This will all be but a dream to you. You were never here. I don’t exist . . . None of this is happening.” His final words were, “and I will see you again.” As Helmut points out, I tried to resist the brainwashing procedure, although I was drugged. Helmut also says that historic mind-control experiments document procedures similar to my interrogation.

Helmut goes on to say that it is typical in these scenarios that the interrogated abductee can’t remember what he/she replies to the interrogator. Most remember some of the questions, but not the answers. He added that I found this experience very frustrating, and he’s right, I did!

Helmut adds from his extensive research into mind control practices: If MILAB abductees are programmed to spy for the military, the victim may switch between 2 personalities that have been created by the interrogators. And while one may understand some of the questions, it is the other personality that would be giving the answers. Thus, as a consequence, the abductee would have these memory gaps.

Helmut details many cases of this kind of “programmed to spy” information retrieval process with the abductees. As it turns out, to my total amazement, my experience was just an example of what many abductees are experiencing. It would appear that each of us is being used in some way to gather information during our abductions so that our interrogators can retrieve it at a later time. I had no understanding of what had happened to me until reading Helmut’s article, and I had absolutely no idea that this bazaar line of questioning was like anything any other abductee had ever experienced!

[When I read this part, it freaked me out! It certainly explains why I felt such deference for the people I let into my apartment that night in late 2008. (Again I refer to Post 150 and Post 151 “An Unsettling Discovery. Parts I & 2”) The splitting of a captured enemy agent’s personality by our intelligence community (in order to create a “double agent”) has long been suspected by conspiracy researchers. As I understand it, the procedure was developed for use on Soviet spies during the cold war. As frightening a thought as it may be to Abductee/Experiencers, it makes perfect sense that they would do the same thing to us. To purposely split the personality of another person, though, is to mess with the very core of their being. National security concerns be damned. The ends do not justify these means! – cw]

Why “RE-ABS” and not “MILABS”?

A brief history of MILABS

  • Helmut Lammer’s research – an acronym is born.

[MILAB stands for “Military Abduction.” – cw]

Why the name change?

  • Tim Binnall’s quote inspired me.

[Unfortunately Ms. Leslie didn’t include the quote in the written notes of her presentation. – cw]

  • Misidentification problems and incorrect assumptions.
  1. “All Abductions are military only, there are no aliens.”
  2. “It’s all mind control.”
  3. “All MILABs are false abductions.”

[There is a faction within the conspiracy community that contends that ALL reports of Alien Abduction are covers for CIA/military mind control projects. – cw]

  • The term MILAB fall short of including what is going on with the covert intelligence involvement & fails to address WHY it is!.

While RE-Abs does mean “re-abduction,” it also means R.E. – Abs

  • The reverse-engineering from abductees and/or reverse engineered abductees.

The new formula for a correct perception: Crash Retrievals + Reverse Engineering + Abductions = RE-ABS

  • There is a relationship between these separate areas of research.

No “Dereliction of Duty”

  • Globally, these guys are just doing their jobs!
  • It would be a complete “dereliction of duty” if they were not involved! That is, if their job is to protect and defend a nation.

– I’m not defending what they are doing, but why they might be doing it. What they are doing is absolutely criminal!

[I call what they’re doing absolutely evil! The root of all evil is the convection that “the end justifies the means.” That’s just an excuse, however, to pull out all the stops, to ignore all ethical/moral concerns. Evil can only exist when there are no self-imposed restraints. – cw]

  • Even if abductions are thought to only be something psychological, something happening psychologically to that many people (millions world wide) would still warrant intel agency attention!
  • It is the sheer numbers alone that would make this subject a matter of National Security!

Not to mention, which part of abductions they would be the most interesting in (willing to spend money on)? The Technology!

(To be continued)

151: An Unsettling Discovery (Part Two)

The one thing that has propelled me forward through all of this has been my insatiable need to know the truth, to understand this new reality in which I have to live. (I just couldn’t turn over in bed. I had to get up and answer that damn telephone!) Yet, when I asked my ETs, they responded by telling me in a series of “dreams” that I couldn’t handle the truth, that it would be too fearful for me. {Post 51} My little experiment with the dental floss was only meant to provide a reliable indicator of Majestic’s nighttime intrusions into my apartment. I hadn’t expected that it would reveal the “scary truth” that I had been seeking to know all these years.

The shock of finding out that I’m under Majestic’s mind control, and can be made to dance to their tune anytime they want, was almost too much for me to bear. I still go cold and numb whenever I really stop to think about it. I remember years ago when I first saw the movie “Conspiracy Theory,” I had a visceral reaction to the scenes where, tied to a chair, Mel Gipson undergoes mental conditioning and programming. Now I know why.

I still haven’t come to terms with this, mainly because I haven’t wanted yet to explore this new nightmarish element to my life in the rabbit hole. Part of me would like very much to forget about it, to just not go there, but then there is the other half of me that always needs to know. Now that I understand the nature of my boogie man, perhaps I can face him. I might renew my efforts to explore some of the hidden memories I have through hypnosis.

A memory fragment was loosened from my subconscious mind, though, by the jolt of what I discovered. About three days afterwards, I woke up to see someone standing over me. I was turned on my side, so I couldn’t see his face. He was young and thin with a short haircut, and wore a white, long sleeved shirt, rolled up to the elbows. At first I was barely awake and thought I might be dreaming. As I continued to look at him, I thought to myself that this dream looked awfully real. A couple of more seconds went by and I began to get concerned. It looked TOO real. Just as I was about to leap out of bed, the image rapidly broke apart into tiny pieces and dissipated into thin air, looking much like an Alka-Seltzer tablet dissolving in water.

I might give Dr. Pollack a call . . . or I might not. I haven’t decided yet. I want to know, but I’m still scared of what my subconscious mind may reveal. If I’m able to confirm what I suspect, that I’m a victim of CIA mind control, then I’m going to have to learn to live with that reality. I don’t know if I want to.

Yet I have this burning need to know inside of me, of just how deep the rabbit hole goes?

150: An Unsettling Discovery (Part One)

A couple of months after the publication of Abducted by Aliens in September of 2008, I discovered a secret that revealed a disturbing and sinister aspect of my harassment by Majestic. Let me explain how it happened.

I wanted to determine on what nights Majestic agents would enter my apartment as I slept. Sometimes the best results are achieved with methods that are the least dependant on technology. A short length of dental floss was all I needed. The door to my apartment is secured with a typical “dead bolt” lock. There is a gap of about ¼ inch between the door and the door jam, where the bolt is exposed to view when it’s extended. I simply slid one end of the floss into the gap, so that it rested on top of the bolt. If anyone used a key to open the door the bolt would slide back, the floss would fall to the floor, and there would be no way that they could put it back before they left. As long as gravity was still a reality in this universe, I reasoned, I would know the next morning if the door had been opened in the middle of the night. My plan worked flawlessly, too well perhaps.

It wasn’t too long before I awoke to find the floss lying on the floor. The disturbing thing was that I “knew” that it was no longer in place, on top of the dead-bolt, even before I got close enough to see it. As I entered the hallway and started to approach the door, I got a memory flash of having opened the door in the middle of the night to let someone in, and thinking at the time that, if I did, the floss would fall to the floor. I also remembered that I quickly decided to deal with the floss later, because I needed to let “them” in, and that “they” were too important to be left waiting. I stood there and tried to remember who it was that must have knocked on my door and woke me up. I tried to fill in the blanks of that memory flash, but couldn’t remember anything after I unlocked the door. My memory turns to black, just after I see my hand turn back the dead bolt lock. Who I let in I do not know (at least not consciously), but I can certainly guess.

The implication, and it is disturbing to say the least, is that I’ve been “programmed” to cooperate with Majestic, the very people who’ve harassed and tormented me for well over a decade. As much genius as it is diabolical, I’ve been made to work against my own best interests, to in fact become a willing participant in the very protocols of mind control that are used against me.

Normally hypnosis can’t be used to make someone do something against their will. The subconscious mind, your ever watchful guardian, prevents it . . . unless, that is, it’s done in conjunction with the administering of certain drugs. In my book, I’ve described several instances when I’ve found puncture marks on the back of my hands, near a vein. On several occasions I’ve also woken up feeling drugged and disorientated, so much so that I couldn’t go to work. (Post 57, Post 60, Post 63, and Post 65.

To learn that I’m subject to government mind control was disconcerting to say the least. It took some time for me to get over that little shock, and it shook loose another memory fragment that my subconscious mind had kept suppressed.

{To be continued.}