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175: The Research of Melinda Leslie: Part 3

In this series of posts, I present the ground-breaking research of Melinda Leslie, a brave woman who investigates what she calls the re-abductions of ET abductees by a secret arm of our intelligence community. She’s written a comprehensive presentation of her work that she gives at UFO conventions around the country, and she has given me permission to republish it here in its entirety. (It’s also available at her website for a modest fee.) Because Melinda’s work touches on so much of what I’ve experienced directly, and on what has been communicated to me by Harold’s chorus of Grays, I’ve also added my comments that appear below her text in bold-italic type. Ms. Leslie has not reviewed my comments and they do not necessarily reflect her views.

Reprinted From: “The Covert-Ops’ Reverse-Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees” © 2010 Melinda Leslie

It’s Not the Military!

For starters, this isn’t your usual “military” that’s doing this!

  • If abductions are real and happening anywhere near the scale suggested by the abduction researchers, and therefore more than likely a matter of National Security (or because of perceptions similar to that of Dave Jacob’s “threat” theory), then of course the intelligence community would be interested in the abductees.

[The intelligence community became officially “interested” in anything UFO related, including abductions, when the CIA took control of the gathering all UFO related information in the mid 1950s. Up until then the Air Force had that responsibility. – cw]

  • These may be covert intelligence agencies and not the military, or at least a very covert “black world” aspect of the military.

[Majestic resides at the very center of the CIA, which is the Mother of all intelligence agencies, worldwide. The U.S. intelligence agencies created afterwards, including the NSA and Home Land Security, serve to insulate the CIA (especially the inner core) and its black ops projects from any real scrutiny. It also allows the CIA to use outside resources, including other intelligence agencies and special units in the military, to carry out their grunt work. I also know from personal experience that much of the surveillance of Abductee/Experiencers is farmed out to “subcontractors” such as the Mafia, with which they have a longstanding relationship. – cw]

  • I am not slamming the military! Or, in the words of fellow researcher Helmut Lammer; “I do not mean the whole US military community, I mean only a small covert task force which is in the ‘need to know’ and operates in an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP), financed by a black budget.       Therefore, I am not against the whole military and related agencies, but I think that the public has the right to know what is going on in USAPs.”
  • Before I move forward, I want to be very clear that my research data does not in any way point to a military in-lieu-of ET abduction thesis, but quite the contrary there is a military and/or intelligence community involvement because of ET experiences! Covert-ops involvement because of ET experiences! Covert-ops involvement exists because ET abductions are absolutely real and that is the only reason these agencies have any interest whatsoever in abductees!

[Melinda is referring to a faction of the conspiracy community that regards all ET abductions as being screen memories created by the CIA to hide their own mind control experiments. Screen memories undoubtedly are created by Majestic in some cases, probably to confuse the target as to who is doing what to whom. Respected conspiracy researcher Jim Keith discovered evidence that, at least in one case, children in rubber Gray costumes were used by black ops agents to create a false ET abduction memory. – cw]

  • And, their interest in abductees is predominately in what they may know regarding the ETs’ motives and what they know about ET technology.

[Even if the Abductee/Experiencer turns out to know nothing of such things, Majestic would still feel the need to control anyone in contact with ETs. – cw]

It’s Not the Military! (except for when it is . . .)

“Military on Military” cases involve ET abductees who’ve joined the military and then have military reabductions while they are serving:

  • Niara Isley – 3 months missing time and used in ET communication
  • Bruce Coe – 3 weeks missing time and used in ET communication
  • Ray Muntz – 2 years missing time and used in ET communication
  • Dan Sherman – used consciously in ET communication role
  • Larry Warren – missing time experience as part of his involvement in the Brentwaters story and subsequent covert-ops involvement as well
  • John Vasquez – abduction during ET related event and subsequently
  • Vance Davis – missing time and used for ET information
  • Andrew – abduction during ET related operation
  • James Bartley – abduction during ET related operation
  • Female (unnamed) – abduction during ET related operation
  • Alison N. & Military family member – abducted from multiple bases

 Who All are Doing This?

Covert-ops experiences happen internationally

International cases often involve military and intelligence personnel from the country where the experience occurred, US military & US agents. Often US personnel are seen in conjunction with foreign personel. The international cases I am currently aware of:

  • UK (England & Scotland) – 19
  • France – 4
  • Germany – 3
  • Italy – 4 also with French military
  • Saudi Arabia – 1
  • Iran – 3 – US military with subcontractors in all 3 cases
  • Marshal Islands, Micronesia – 1
  • Indonesia – 2
  • Australia – 16
  • Peru – 2
  • Puerto Rico – 2
  • China – 2
  • Russia – 3
  • Munich, West Germany 1
  • India – 6
  • Canada 9
  • Mexico – 9

 What Happens to the Abductees?

  • Being watched or being followed and home or work place under surveillance

[Been there, done that. See Post #54 “A Sinister Turn of Events & Eleven Years of Silence,” Post #92 “Surveillance & Monthly Break-Ins,” Post #96 “Discovered My Tail,” Post #97 “Outed the Mole,” Post #98 “My TV is Watching Me!” and Post #99 “The Second Camera.”  – cw]

  • Black helicopter surveillance or harassment

[Ditto, although in my case it was a white drone helicopter. See Post #148 “Followed by a Drone Helicopter.” – cw]

  • Threats made to the abductee, their family or friends

[No, thank God. – cw]

  • Phone interruptions and harassing, intimidating or even threatening phone calls

[Early on there were phone problems. – cw]

  • Email and/or snail mail tampering and computer hacking

[Read from my journal, Post 58 “Itchy Eyes & Computer Tampering,” then read Post #63 “Drugged” – cw]

  • In person direct face-to-face confrontations and warnings, and MIB (“Men in Black”) experiences.

[In my case it was a BIB, a “Blond in Black. See Post #102 “The Missing Pillowcase & the Beautiful Blond.” – cw]

  • Illegal break-ins to property, i.e. homes or vehicles

[Routinely. See Post #92 “Surveillance & Monthly Break-Ins.” – cw]

  • Abductions by ETs with human military personnel present or being “handed over” by ETs to military personnel
  • Abductions by human military with ETs present
  • Abductions by human military only without ETs present
  • Mind control procedures with intimidation, fear inducement, hypnosis, and drugs administered

[Oh yes! See Post #63 “Drugged,” Post #71 “The Physical Evidence – Puncture Marks,” and Post #100 “Blood & Guts in the Shower.” I also discovered that I was subjected to mind control protocols. See Post #150 and Post 151 ” “An Unsettling Discovery, Parts 1 & 2.”– cw]

  • Being “roughed up” or physically abused

[Much of the time. In fact, it’s a way I can tell them apart, visits by my ETs vs. those of Majestic. I have to wear knee braces to bed because they’re “wrenched” in the middle of the night if I don’t. Recently my left thumb was damaged in the same fashion. I have to wear a wrist brace now to immobilize it, until that heals. – cw]

  • Medical and genetic procedures, exploratory surgery, removal of possible alien fetuses, and possible cloning experiments

[Yes, see photos of my second scoop mark. When I received the first one, I was unemployed and didn’t have the money to buy a camera. Then refer to Post #4 “Audio Hallucinations, a Troubling Scar & Crystallized Blood” and Post #78 “I Don’t Remember Having Brain Surgery” for evidence of my unexplained surgeries. – cw]

  • Implants being removed or inserted by humans

[I also described my government implant in Post #78 – cw]

  • Testing and demonstration of psychic or paranormal abilities

[Again, without resorting to hypnosis, I wouldn’t know. – cw]

  • Involvement by intelligence “insiders” in the personal life of the abductee

[I’ve heard of this happening surreptitiously. As a result, I’m always cautious at first whenever someone new comes into my life. Let me take this opportunity to say something about people who confess to having PAST connections with the intelligence community. My step-father served in the Marine Corp. during WW II and whenever someone would refer to him as an “ex-Marine” he would correct them saying, “There is no such thing as an ex-Marine. Once you’ve gone through the training, you’re always a Marine.” I believe the same holds true with the various intelligence services. Once trained as a spook, it becomes a lifetime career. They can retire, but they can’t quit . . . much like the mafia. – cw]

(To be continued)

135: Operation Paperclip: America’s Trojan Horse (Part One)

(From Pages 321 – 325 of Abducted by Aliens, by Chuck Weiss)

With the defeat of Nazi Germany, and later the surrender of Imperial Japan, the real malevolence that those two regimes embodied was quickly forgotten. The good guys had won and the bad guys had lost, and that was that. What no one noticed was that a Trojan Horse had been “let through the gate,” allowing hardcore Nazis to enter the United States in direct violation of a Presidential order. The Forces of Darkness could now continue their war against the Forces of Light, staging their attacks from within the very country that had defeated them on the battlefield. It was now a clandestine war, to be fought in secret, but that was okay because those same Nazis were put in charge of America’s secrets!

The ink was hardly dry on Germany’s surrender papers when the Nazi Secret Service was imported wholly and intact into the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) by Allan Dulles. Dulles had just taken control of that wartime intelligence agency from “Wild” Bill Donavan after hostilities ended. Later, in 1947, it morphed into the CIA, keeping its secret Nazi connections intact.

Reinhard Gehlen was the SS General who had been in charge of Nazi Intelligence during the war, and it was he with whom Dulles negotiated. The two men trusted each other implicitly, so much so that their contract, according to Gehlen, was completely verbal, sealed with only a handshake, and nothing in writing. In an interview, Gehlen gave details of the agreement. Gehlen and his clandestine intelligence agents throughout Europe and the Soviet Union would continue their activities against the Communists. They would share the information they gathered with the Americans, but Gehlen’s organization “was to work not for or under the Americans, but jointly with the Americans.” His operation was to be financed completely by the Americans, and “not to be a part of occupation costs.” And finally, if at any time, in the opinion of Gehlen’s group, the interests of America should differ from “German” interests, it was to be understood that “the organization would consider the interests of Germany first.” For “German,” read “Nazi,” and for “Germany,” read “The Fourth Reich,” which was to rise from the ashes of the Third.

Gehlen wasn’t just the head of Nazi intelligence. After the war he was charged by the Nazi hierarchy, who by that time were directing operations from their new bases in South America, with protecting “Odessa,” an acronym for “Organization of Veterans of the SS.” The word “Odessa” has since come to mean “The Fourth Reich” and is comprised of the few original Nazis who might still be alive, their descendants, and new converts to the cause.

Dulles “sanitized” Gehlen and his agents of their Nazi past through a project called, “Operation Paperclip,” whereby personnel files that were tagged with a paperclip as the secret code were rewritten, and carefully retyped, to delete any mention of past Nazi connections. This was done in direct violation of an Executive Order issued by President Truman, which stipulated that all former members of the Nazi Party were to be barred admittance to the United States.

After the war, I suspect that the surviving monks of that Tibetan Black Lodge in Berlin were brought to the US by their Nazi patrons, as part of the same handshake deal negotiated between Dulles and Gehlen. Jim Keith believed that those black monks might account for some of the early descriptions of “Men in Black,” who were said to be Oriental-looking.68

From the beginning, the CIA was nothing more than a cover for Nazi activities. Historian Carl Ogleby wrote, “Thus, whatever the CIA was from the standpoint of the law, it remained from the standpoint of practical intelligence collection a front for a house of Nazi spies.”69 Gehlen’s intelligence gathering for the Americans consisted of feeding our military inflated reports of Russia’s threat to Western Europe. This ignited and sustained the Cold War, which Gehlen used as a cover for his activities on behalf of Odessa.70

Lest you consider that these were repentant “former” Nazis who had seen the error of their ways, consider Rudolf Hermann who, while assigned to Wright Field, would each day hold a roll call of his men while dressed in a brown uniform and lecture them openly about the necessity of remaining loyal to Hitler.71 The fact that he was allowed to make these speeches on a military base day after day, without censure, speaks volumes as to how protected these hardcore Nazis were, and I would argue that their second and third-generation descendants still are. (It should be noted that Wright Field, now known as Wright/Patterson Air Force Base, would later receive the wreckage from a saucer that crashed outside Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.)

In addition to Gehlen and his network of spies, hundreds of Nazis scientists were “given the paperclip,” and allowed to enter the United States to work on our fledgling rocket program, and later our race to the Moon against the Soviets. Not only was the CIA created with Nazis, so was NASA, our super space agency. And it didn’t stop there. According to Jim Keith, Nazis were also employed in founding the Voice of America, and Radio Liberty, as well as the US Army Historical Division. And to secure their secret dominance over America, hardcore Nazis were even used to fill top positions at the Pentagon and in private industry.72


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