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179: The Research of Melinda Leslie: Part 7

In this series of posts, I present the ground-breaking research of Melinda Leslie, a brave woman who investigates what she calls the re-abductions of ET abductees by a secret arm of our intelligence community. She’s written a comprehensive presentation of her work that she gives at UFO conventions around the country, and she has given me permission to republish it here in its entirety. (It’s also available at her website for a modest fee.) Because Melinda’s work touches on so much of what I’ve experienced directly, and on what has been communicated to me by Harold’s chorus of Grays, I’ve also added my comments that appear below her text in bold-italic type. Ms. Leslie has not reviewed my comments and they do not necessarily reflect her views.

Reprinted From: “The Covert-Ops’ Reverse-Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees” © 2010 Melinda Leslie

Which Abductees Came Forward First?

[For Abductee/Experiencers who think that the military might be involved in their lives, I recommend reading what others like us have written about their encounters with Majestic. Search the internet for the names below to find what they’ve published. Leah Haley’s book, Lost Was the Key, was the first book I read on the subject back in the mid 1990s, and it helped me greatly just to know that I wasn’t the only UFO contactee under surveillance by my government. – cw]

Known Military involvement cases and examples:

Christa Tilton: Taken to an underground base

Leah Haley: Direct confrontation in airport, Home under surveillance, Interrogation after drop off by aliens

Betty Andreason Luca: Helicopter and phone harassment

Whitley Strieber: Break-ins to his home, Threats and warning

Pam Hamilton: Daytime break-in and taken to underground base

Licia Davidson: Extensive helicopter harassment & surveillance,           Medical report of being drugged, Direct face-to-face confrontations, Electronic phone voice

Karla Turner: Phone voice breaking in and commenting on her & client’s conversation

Cassie Turner: Interrogations

Debbie Jordan Kauble: Alien implant removed

Diane Johnson: Driven in a van and saw installation she was being taken to

Kay Wilson

Angela Thompson Smith

Michael Bershad

Kim Carlsberg

Steve Neil

Beth Collings

Anna Jamerson

M. Johnson

Larry Warren

Shelly Thompson

What Are Their Experiences?

Leah Haley remembered being taken by a helicopter to a military base where she was interrogated concerning her alleged alien abduction experiences:

“. . . I was struggling with them as I was coming off the helicopter. I don’t understand why they’re taking me in there. I felt a sudden chill. It’s cold. There’s a man on each side of me holding my arms tightly. They’re taking me into a building . . . I see men seated along the left side of a conference room table. The man in the blue uniform is standing to my right. A man decorated with military pins is standing at the opposite end of the table and somebody is giving me a shot in the right arm. It feels like a tetanus shot. The guys in uniform are still holding me tightly . . . They force me into a chair . . . I am just feeling dizzy . . . the man from the helicopter says; “here she is. She’s a cocky little bitch.” Then somebody on the other side of the room said; ‘Well, we’ll just take care of that! . . . Somebody from behind me put a jacket around my shoulders . . . “

Interestingly, Leah Haley recalled a similar brainwashing scenario as myself. She also has no memory of what they asked her before. Leah goes on to say; “. . . there’s a man talking to me. He is telling me I haven’t seen anything. He is not very nice. I don’t see him because I’m so dizzy. I’m leaning my head over. First he was on the other side of the room, but now he comes close to me and sort of props himself up against the table. He said, ‘You didn’t see a spaceship’ . . . They are angry . . . ‘It’s none of your damn business . . . You hadn’t seen anything . . . You don’t know anything.’ There is a lady with a blue uniform in the room. She brought in a tape recorder. She laid it on the end of the table at the other end of the room . . .”

The husband of the late Dr. Karla Turner, Casey Turner, also recalled an abduction where he was drugged, taken to a military underground facility and interrogated by a military officer. Inside the underground area he saw large man-made storage tanks, with a building constructed into the side of the tunnel or a big cavern. Casey was escorted by men through doors into a waiting area, where he saw lots of people.

Casey believes that they interrogated and drugged these people too. He remembered the following: “. . . They are all sitting there, sort of in a daze, like they’ve been drugged. Just waiting for somebody to come and take them away . . . I keep getting the feeling that there’s a military officer who’s real angry . . . Real impatient . . . I don’t have a face to connect with it, but there’s a military officer that I’m not cooperating with . . . yeah, I am not cooperating and they’re real perplexed . . . I’m not cooperating with them . . . I’m not in the state of mind they want me to be in . . . I get the feeling they want to know, maybe they’re trying to find out what it is we know . . . I see a military dress uniform . . . Green military dress uniform . . . I can tell gray hair, clean-shaven . . . I’m escorted by the guard out of the room. We turn left, we turn right and go for some distance.”

“. . . There are doors, they aren’t paneled, just steel doors . . . Now I’m in a small room where I see only three pieces of furniture, just a metal chair, straight-backed, and I’m sitting in the chair. And a desk, plain military-type with nothing on top. With an officer standing behind it. He’s got a chair, but he’s not sitting in it. The guard stands outside and shuts the door. It’s just me and this officer guy. Like he’s in charge. And I don’t like him, so I won’t answer his questions . . . I’m fighting, I’m rebelling . . . I can hear him yelling . . . ‘Tell me, Tell me . . .’ That’s all I can remember . . . “

What is the Evidence

The evidence for ET abductions in general:

  • Punctures to the skin [Yes – cw]
  • Bruises [Ditto – cw]
  • Cuts [Yes – cw]
  • Hair Loss [ Just what comes with old age – cw]
  • X-rays
  • Needle Marks [Several times – cw]
  • Scars that appear overnight
  • Scoop marks & others [Yes – cw]
  • Rashes in strange patterns [Yes – cw]
  • Burn marks on body [Yes, “nighttime sunburns” (radiation burns) – cw]
  • Implants removed [Yes – cw]
  • Gynecological problems [Not my kind of problem – cw]
  • Urological problems [Yes – cw]
  • Landing traces with soil samples or burn marks on the ground [I live in an apartment – cw]
  • Lie detector tests [No, but I’d be willing to take one – cw]
  • Documented missing time [Yes – cw]
  • Witnesses to the experience [Yes – cw]
  • Mass group abduction of more than one abductee at a time [Yes – cw]
  • Collaborating stories of abductees who have never met and are unaware of each other’s experiences, or of any similar accounts in the research data [I’ve had two such incidents – cw]

The evidence for covert-ops involvement:

  • Bruises after experience [Much evidence of “rough handling” – cw]
  • Physical symptoms [Yes, knees and thumb wrenched. I now have to wear braces to bed. – cw]
  • Telephone interruptions
  • Mail tampering
  • Followed in car [Yes – cw]
  • Agents taking photos [Yes – cw]
  • Break-in with photos or documents missing {Break-ins with various items missing – cw]
  • Direct in-person confrontations [Yes – cw]
  • Eyewitnesses to re-abductions and harassment/surveillance [Yes – cw]
  • Photos of helicopter fly-bys [Fly-by, but no photos. Was also followed by a drone helicopter. – cw]
  • Drugged with medical lab tests [Drugged in the middle of the night several times, but no lab tests were conducted. – cw]
  • Being watched and/or followed [Several times – cw]
  • Seeing installation location you were taken to and later verifying its existence
  • Matching story to underground base research as confirmation of where one was taken
  • “Insiders” confirmation

More evidence for covert-ops involvement

  • Being befriended by “insiders” who offer assistance

– From Diary of an Abduction by Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D.: “The individual is befriended by, socializes with, or is even romantic with a “minder” who has links with the government or military, especially with any of the intelligence agencies, military medical units, or government medical contractors. More often a male befriends a female, although same [sex?] minders have been known. The minder may offer massages, or similar, to the individuals they are minding. If a romantic liaison occurs, the minder enters a sexual relationship with the abductee early in the relationship.”

  • Another abductee was told by their “minder” that they were involved in ufology to “derail the train.” This is very similar to some comments that were made to me by the same type of individuals.
  • Abductees share “attaching” of military or intelligence people who are suddenly involved in the abductee’s everyday life thought seemingly normal situations. The abductees often give these individuals nick-names. Some examples: “X,” “Bulldog,” and “Destiny Man.”
  • These events serve as confirmation of validation for the abductee’s covert-ops experiences. I call these confirmations “milab moments.”
  • Abductees are seeing the same covert people involved repeatedly in their experiences:

– “the red haired captain,” “the red haired doctor,” or “the interrogator with red hair,” and “the older man with the silver hair.”

  • Artifacts are left behind by whoever is performing the abductions:

– Missed security stickers being found on tampered mail, implant devices, medical equipment, containers, medical devices.

– One abductee used the artifacts they found to trace these activities to various government contractors employed in medical research.

– Another Abductee researched and tied various mind-control inventions to some of her abductors and to some intel “minders.”

  • Many abductees seem to fall under some form of financial attack after other methods fail to silence or deter them from the subject.

– These financial difficulties appear to be timed and increase in severity in direct relationship to the degree the abductee’s case is investigated or they attempt to go public. This causes many abductees to pull out and claim, “It’s not worth it.” When the abductee backs off, the problems mysteriously go away, reinforcing a fear of coming forward. I have seen the effectiveness of this in too many cases to be by chance.

What is the Evidence for My Experiences?

[Just want to be clear. This is evidence of Ms. Leslie’s experiences, not mine. – cw]

The evidence for my experiences:

  • Vapor monitor verified as accurate
  • Helicopters with witnesses(Once while online with another abductee)

  • Phone interruptions(Witnessed Licia’s electronic voice responding to us)
  • Red hair interrogator also seen by others
  • Military uniforms seen and later verified as existing
  • Bruises with photos
  • Equipment and technology seen verified as existing
  • Medical surgical procedures performed were verified as known procedures
  • Location of bade and its description verified by four “insiders”
  • Alpha-numeric insignia seen, verified by “insider”
  • Unique gun seen, also verified

Supported by “insiders” who confirmed various parts:

  • Vance Davis – procedures used, location seen, red hair guy and uniform details
  • Bill Uhouse – specific technology seen that matches something he was briefed on that he said there is no way [he] could have known, except unless [he] had experienced it.
  • Bob Dean – certain language used and procedures
  • Bill Holden – specific underground location seen
  • Un-named – procedures, specific location, weapon see, red hair guy and technology items
  • Un-named – via a confrontation and threat he confirmed the experiences of another covert-ops abductee as well as myself
  • Un-named – technology and procedures, all standard
  • Un-named – Specific location and procedures

(To be continued)

176: The Research of Melinda Leslie: Part 4

In this series of posts, I present the ground-breaking research of Melinda Leslie, a brave woman who investigates what she calls the re-abductions of ET abductees by a secret arm of our intelligence community. She’s written a comprehensive presentation of her work that she gives at UFO conventions around the country, and she has given me permission to republish it here in its entirety. (It’s also available at her website for a modest fee.) Because Melinda’s work touches on so much of what I’ve experienced directly, and on what has been communicated to me by Harold’s chorus of Grays, I’ve also added my comments that appear below her text in bold-italic type. Ms. Leslie has not reviewed my comments and they do not necessarily reflect her views.

Reprinted From: “The Covert-Ops’ Reverse-Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees” © 2010 Melinda Leslie

What Are My Experiences?

[Just want to be clear. These are descriptions of Ms. Leslie’s experiences, not mine. – cw]

I have the basic “standard” and “normal” ET abduction experiences and the following military involvement experiences:

  • Harassment & Surveillance experiences

                  Helicopter incidents, phone incidents, threats, influenced to harm self.

  • Military re-abductions and alien/military combined experiences
    1. Early 1990 – 2 roommates witnessed “military men” shouting orders to me in the middle of the night. I have no memory or this.
    2. July 27, 1990 – Missing time while driving with 2 friends, taken by ETs with a man in naval uniform present monitoring the procedures.
    3. July 21, 1993 – Gynecological medical procedures performed by humans in an underground facility Haz-Mat clean-room environment.
    4. Nov. 23, 1993 – Flown on human built triangular ship, miscommunication screw-up, drugs administered and interrogated about ET technology.
    5. Mid 1990s – Experience with a friend while traveling in Sedona Arizona. Car stopped by military personnel and I was escorted away from my friend.
    6. Late 1990s – Interrogation and threatened with a gun put to my head in military style tent on a military base located in California desert.
    7. Aug. 20 2000 – Abducted with friend out of her apartment and taken to underground base.       Both of us were interrogated, threatened, and saw reptilian with military. Photo evidence of break in to home.

In November of 1993 I was abducted, drugged, and taken by two men in camouflage to an underground facility. In this experience I was also flown on a triangle shaped craft and left standing alone in a large empty hanger.

I have undergone extensive hypnosis regressions concerning this event. When I was discovered being alone in the hanger, by what appeared to be one of the pilots of the triangle craft that flew me, he walked up to me and said, “You’re not supposed to be here.” . . . “What are you still doing here? . . . and then he yelled at me, “Why are you still here?!!!”

This pilot then escorted me out of the hanger, which backed into an underground tunnel, and out into the tunnel, which appeared to be an underground road. The pilot was cussing under his breath the entire time and looking around for someone who could explain why I was left alone. It appears that someone was supposed to have been there waiting for me and was not. In the tunnel, we were met by 3 military guards, 2 guys in lab coats, and an older gentleman in a green full dress military Naval uniform who came walking from way down this road.

According to Helmut Lammer, and I agree with him, this experience shows that not all the military personnel on the base had the “need to know” concerning what was going on. And that there was some sort of communication breakdown that caused the confusion. Or, it may have been made to appear that way.

After the pilot was rebuked and released, I was escorted into a room off the tunnel by the 3 guards, the man in full uniform and the 2 guys in lab coats. Inside there was a conference table and chairs. One of the guards quickly grabbed one of the chairs, sliding it across the linoleum floor, swung it around, and very forcibly pointed for me to sit in it. The man in full uniform said, as if to apologize for the guard’s behavior, “Please won’t you sit down?” Then he said something to the guards and he and the older of the 2 men in lab coats exited the room, turned immediately and entered a door to a room with a two-way mirror window, just adjacent to the room we were in.

As I was sitting there in the chair with the 3 guards stand in “parade rest” around me, a red-haired man in khaki uniform entered the room from the other side. He excused the guards, who were referring to him as Captain, and they then left and only he and the younger man in the lab coat remained. The man in the lab coat gave me a shot in the arm. Also, he later had me drink a very bitter chalky tasting fluid.

I was very frightened as this red-hair Captain started to accuse me of having done something wrong. Like the screw-up I witnessed had somehow been my fault. He pointed his finger at me and spoke very harshly. He kept looking in my eyes like he was expecting to see them change from the drugs taking effect. He turned to the guy in the lab coat who nodded to him. I could soon feel the drugs coming on. When this red-haired Captain spoke, it was like he was speaking in slow motion. When he moved his arms, I could see the movement of his arm. I knew I had just been heavily drugged.

I was having a hard time understanding what he was asking me. I was extremely confused and did not understand what he was accusing me of. I did not know what it was I had done wrong. I told him I didn’t do anything. I kept telling him that I didn’t know what he wanted. He accused me further of being uncooperative and threatened me. I pleaded with him to just ask me again.

At this point he signaled to the guy in the lab coat, who then turned and opened the door to the room. The guards came back in and grabbed me by the arms and escorted me out the door, across the room, and into another door. In a small dark room were standing a bunch of guards, big guys, who then pushed me around in what was a horrifying and frightening experience. They made me think I was going to die. I really thought they were going to kill me. I was knocked back onto the floor and I started to kick and scream and push them away. Eventually they picked me up, the door was opened, and in walked one of the previous guards, who then escorted me back to the interrogation room where the red-haired captain and the guy in the white lab coat were still waiting.

The red-haired man then asked me questions about the alien’s technology. Helmut Lammer said in his book that he does not believe that the alien hybrids in military uniforms described by David Jacobs would be interested in the experiences of humans, which were allegedly done by the creators of the hybrids! This, as Helmut points out, would be very strange, since the alien/hybrids should know more about the motives and technology of the alleged alien abductors than the abductees would.

[That would depend on who made the hybrid, the Grays or Majestic. I was told that any ETs seen working with the military are Majestic’s clones, created using DNA recovered from downed ET craft. Both sides also maintain their own separate hybrid program. Those beings created by Majestic (either as a hybrid or through cloning) are under their control, and are probably kept on a “short leash” and informed on a “need to know” basis only. – cw]

In my interrogation, they were most interested in information about the UFO technology as well as motives of the aliens. I was asked; “What have they asked you? Tell me about their technology. Tell me about the drive system, the drive mechanism. How do you know about it? How are you able to do it? Tell me about what they told you to do! What did they tell you? What did they ask you to do? Tell me, tell me, tell me.” He ended here with saying, “You know, you’re not theirs . . . you are ours! . . .”

This interrogation was very traumatic since I cannot recall that I answered his questions. My hypnotherapist calmed me down as I had begun crying due to that last remark. As Helmut pointed out, after this interrogation I was brainwashed; “You couldn’t tell me now even if you wanted to,” he said, “You can’t talk right now. You couldn’t tell me even if you tried. We fixed that. Don’t try! You won’t remember any of this, we fixed it!”

“You won’t remember this! It’s a bad dream. We are taking care of that! You will not remember! This will all be but a dream to you. You were never here. I don’t exist . . . None of this is happening.” His final words were, “and I will see you again.” As Helmut points out, I tried to resist the brainwashing procedure, although I was drugged. Helmut also says that historic mind-control experiments document procedures similar to my interrogation.

Helmut goes on to say that it is typical in these scenarios that the interrogated abductee can’t remember what he/she replies to the interrogator. Most remember some of the questions, but not the answers. He added that I found this experience very frustrating, and he’s right, I did!

Helmut adds from his extensive research into mind control practices: If MILAB abductees are programmed to spy for the military, the victim may switch between 2 personalities that have been created by the interrogators. And while one may understand some of the questions, it is the other personality that would be giving the answers. Thus, as a consequence, the abductee would have these memory gaps.

Helmut details many cases of this kind of “programmed to spy” information retrieval process with the abductees. As it turns out, to my total amazement, my experience was just an example of what many abductees are experiencing. It would appear that each of us is being used in some way to gather information during our abductions so that our interrogators can retrieve it at a later time. I had no understanding of what had happened to me until reading Helmut’s article, and I had absolutely no idea that this bazaar line of questioning was like anything any other abductee had ever experienced!

[When I read this part, it freaked me out! It certainly explains why I felt such deference for the people I let into my apartment that night in late 2008. (Again I refer to Post 150 and Post 151 “An Unsettling Discovery. Parts I & 2”) The splitting of a captured enemy agent’s personality by our intelligence community (in order to create a “double agent”) has long been suspected by conspiracy researchers. As I understand it, the procedure was developed for use on Soviet spies during the cold war. As frightening a thought as it may be to Abductee/Experiencers, it makes perfect sense that they would do the same thing to us. To purposely split the personality of another person, though, is to mess with the very core of their being. National security concerns be damned. The ends do not justify these means! – cw]

Why “RE-ABS” and not “MILABS”?

A brief history of MILABS

  • Helmut Lammer’s research – an acronym is born.

[MILAB stands for “Military Abduction.” – cw]

Why the name change?

  • Tim Binnall’s quote inspired me.

[Unfortunately Ms. Leslie didn’t include the quote in the written notes of her presentation. – cw]

  • Misidentification problems and incorrect assumptions.
  1. “All Abductions are military only, there are no aliens.”
  2. “It’s all mind control.”
  3. “All MILABs are false abductions.”

[There is a faction within the conspiracy community that contends that ALL reports of Alien Abduction are covers for CIA/military mind control projects. – cw]

  • The term MILAB fall short of including what is going on with the covert intelligence involvement & fails to address WHY it is!.

While RE-Abs does mean “re-abduction,” it also means R.E. – Abs

  • The reverse-engineering from abductees and/or reverse engineered abductees.

The new formula for a correct perception: Crash Retrievals + Reverse Engineering + Abductions = RE-ABS

  • There is a relationship between these separate areas of research.

No “Dereliction of Duty”

  • Globally, these guys are just doing their jobs!
  • It would be a complete “dereliction of duty” if they were not involved! That is, if their job is to protect and defend a nation.

– I’m not defending what they are doing, but why they might be doing it. What they are doing is absolutely criminal!

[I call what they’re doing absolutely evil! The root of all evil is the convection that “the end justifies the means.” That’s just an excuse, however, to pull out all the stops, to ignore all ethical/moral concerns. Evil can only exist when there are no self-imposed restraints. – cw]

  • Even if abductions are thought to only be something psychological, something happening psychologically to that many people (millions world wide) would still warrant intel agency attention!
  • It is the sheer numbers alone that would make this subject a matter of National Security!

Not to mention, which part of abductions they would be the most interesting in (willing to spend money on)? The Technology!

(To be continued)

175: The Research of Melinda Leslie: Part 3

In this series of posts, I present the ground-breaking research of Melinda Leslie, a brave woman who investigates what she calls the re-abductions of ET abductees by a secret arm of our intelligence community. She’s written a comprehensive presentation of her work that she gives at UFO conventions around the country, and she has given me permission to republish it here in its entirety. (It’s also available at her website for a modest fee.) Because Melinda’s work touches on so much of what I’ve experienced directly, and on what has been communicated to me by Harold’s chorus of Grays, I’ve also added my comments that appear below her text in bold-italic type. Ms. Leslie has not reviewed my comments and they do not necessarily reflect her views.

Reprinted From: “The Covert-Ops’ Reverse-Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees” © 2010 Melinda Leslie

It’s Not the Military!

For starters, this isn’t your usual “military” that’s doing this!

  • If abductions are real and happening anywhere near the scale suggested by the abduction researchers, and therefore more than likely a matter of National Security (or because of perceptions similar to that of Dave Jacob’s “threat” theory), then of course the intelligence community would be interested in the abductees.

[The intelligence community became officially “interested” in anything UFO related, including abductions, when the CIA took control of the gathering all UFO related information in the mid 1950s. Up until then the Air Force had that responsibility. – cw]

  • These may be covert intelligence agencies and not the military, or at least a very covert “black world” aspect of the military.

[Majestic resides at the very center of the CIA, which is the Mother of all intelligence agencies, worldwide. The U.S. intelligence agencies created afterwards, including the NSA and Home Land Security, serve to insulate the CIA (especially the inner core) and its black ops projects from any real scrutiny. It also allows the CIA to use outside resources, including other intelligence agencies and special units in the military, to carry out their grunt work. I also know from personal experience that much of the surveillance of Abductee/Experiencers is farmed out to “subcontractors” such as the Mafia, with which they have a longstanding relationship. – cw]

  • I am not slamming the military! Or, in the words of fellow researcher Helmut Lammer; “I do not mean the whole US military community, I mean only a small covert task force which is in the ‘need to know’ and operates in an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP), financed by a black budget.       Therefore, I am not against the whole military and related agencies, but I think that the public has the right to know what is going on in USAPs.”
  • Before I move forward, I want to be very clear that my research data does not in any way point to a military in-lieu-of ET abduction thesis, but quite the contrary there is a military and/or intelligence community involvement because of ET experiences! Covert-ops involvement because of ET experiences! Covert-ops involvement exists because ET abductions are absolutely real and that is the only reason these agencies have any interest whatsoever in abductees!

[Melinda is referring to a faction of the conspiracy community that regards all ET abductions as being screen memories created by the CIA to hide their own mind control experiments. Screen memories undoubtedly are created by Majestic in some cases, probably to confuse the target as to who is doing what to whom. Respected conspiracy researcher Jim Keith discovered evidence that, at least in one case, children in rubber Gray costumes were used by black ops agents to create a false ET abduction memory. – cw]

  • And, their interest in abductees is predominately in what they may know regarding the ETs’ motives and what they know about ET technology.

[Even if the Abductee/Experiencer turns out to know nothing of such things, Majestic would still feel the need to control anyone in contact with ETs. – cw]

It’s Not the Military! (except for when it is . . .)

“Military on Military” cases involve ET abductees who’ve joined the military and then have military reabductions while they are serving:

  • Niara Isley – 3 months missing time and used in ET communication
  • Bruce Coe – 3 weeks missing time and used in ET communication
  • Ray Muntz – 2 years missing time and used in ET communication
  • Dan Sherman – used consciously in ET communication role
  • Larry Warren – missing time experience as part of his involvement in the Brentwaters story and subsequent covert-ops involvement as well
  • John Vasquez – abduction during ET related event and subsequently
  • Vance Davis – missing time and used for ET information
  • Andrew – abduction during ET related operation
  • James Bartley – abduction during ET related operation
  • Female (unnamed) – abduction during ET related operation
  • Alison N. & Military family member – abducted from multiple bases

 Who All are Doing This?

Covert-ops experiences happen internationally

International cases often involve military and intelligence personnel from the country where the experience occurred, US military & US agents. Often US personnel are seen in conjunction with foreign personel. The international cases I am currently aware of:

  • UK (England & Scotland) – 19
  • France – 4
  • Germany – 3
  • Italy – 4 also with French military
  • Saudi Arabia – 1
  • Iran – 3 – US military with subcontractors in all 3 cases
  • Marshal Islands, Micronesia – 1
  • Indonesia – 2
  • Australia – 16
  • Peru – 2
  • Puerto Rico – 2
  • China – 2
  • Russia – 3
  • Munich, West Germany 1
  • India – 6
  • Canada 9
  • Mexico – 9

 What Happens to the Abductees?

  • Being watched or being followed and home or work place under surveillance

[Been there, done that. See Post #54 “A Sinister Turn of Events & Eleven Years of Silence,” Post #92 “Surveillance & Monthly Break-Ins,” Post #96 “Discovered My Tail,” Post #97 “Outed the Mole,” Post #98 “My TV is Watching Me!” and Post #99 “The Second Camera.”  – cw]

  • Black helicopter surveillance or harassment

[Ditto, although in my case it was a white drone helicopter. See Post #148 “Followed by a Drone Helicopter.” – cw]

  • Threats made to the abductee, their family or friends

[No, thank God. – cw]

  • Phone interruptions and harassing, intimidating or even threatening phone calls

[Early on there were phone problems. – cw]

  • Email and/or snail mail tampering and computer hacking

[Read from my journal, Post 58 “Itchy Eyes & Computer Tampering,” then read Post #63 “Drugged” – cw]

  • In person direct face-to-face confrontations and warnings, and MIB (“Men in Black”) experiences.

[In my case it was a BIB, a “Blond in Black. See Post #102 “The Missing Pillowcase & the Beautiful Blond.” – cw]

  • Illegal break-ins to property, i.e. homes or vehicles

[Routinely. See Post #92 “Surveillance & Monthly Break-Ins.” – cw]

  • Abductions by ETs with human military personnel present or being “handed over” by ETs to military personnel
  • Abductions by human military with ETs present
  • Abductions by human military only without ETs present
  • Mind control procedures with intimidation, fear inducement, hypnosis, and drugs administered

[Oh yes! See Post #63 “Drugged,” Post #71 “The Physical Evidence – Puncture Marks,” and Post #100 “Blood & Guts in the Shower.” I also discovered that I was subjected to mind control protocols. See Post #150 and Post 151 ” “An Unsettling Discovery, Parts 1 & 2.”– cw]

  • Being “roughed up” or physically abused

[Much of the time. In fact, it’s a way I can tell them apart, visits by my ETs vs. those of Majestic. I have to wear knee braces to bed because they’re “wrenched” in the middle of the night if I don’t. Recently my left thumb was damaged in the same fashion. I have to wear a wrist brace now to immobilize it, until that heals. – cw]

  • Medical and genetic procedures, exploratory surgery, removal of possible alien fetuses, and possible cloning experiments

[Yes, see photos of my second scoop mark. When I received the first one, I was unemployed and didn’t have the money to buy a camera. Then refer to Post #4 “Audio Hallucinations, a Troubling Scar & Crystallized Blood” and Post #78 “I Don’t Remember Having Brain Surgery” for evidence of my unexplained surgeries. – cw]

  • Implants being removed or inserted by humans

[I also described my government implant in Post #78 – cw]

  • Testing and demonstration of psychic or paranormal abilities

[Again, without resorting to hypnosis, I wouldn’t know. – cw]

  • Involvement by intelligence “insiders” in the personal life of the abductee

[I’ve heard of this happening surreptitiously. As a result, I’m always cautious at first whenever someone new comes into my life. Let me take this opportunity to say something about people who confess to having PAST connections with the intelligence community. My step-father served in the Marine Corp. during WW II and whenever someone would refer to him as an “ex-Marine” he would correct them saying, “There is no such thing as an ex-Marine. Once you’ve gone through the training, you’re always a Marine.” I believe the same holds true with the various intelligence services. Once trained as a spook, it becomes a lifetime career. They can retire, but they can’t quit . . . much like the mafia. – cw]

(To be continued)

174: The Research of Melinda Leslie: Part 2

In this series of posts, I present the ground-breaking research of Melinda Leslie, a brave woman who investigates what she calls the re-abductions of ET abductees by a secret arm of our intelligence community. She’s written a comprehensive presentation of her work that she gives at UFO conventions around the country, and she has given me permission to republish it here in its entirety. (It’s also available at her website for a modest fee.) Because Melinda’s work touches on so much of what I’ve experienced directly, and on what has been communicated to me by Harold’s chorus of Grays, I’ve also added my comments that appear below her text in bold-italic type. Ms. Leslie has not reviewed my comments and they do not necessarily reflect her views.

Reprinted From: “The Covert-Ops’ Reverse-Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees” © 2010 Melinda Leslie

The Reverse-Engineering of ET Abductees

  • In what may ultimately prove to be some of the greatest evidence for the reality, importance and meaning of the UFO abduction scenario, extraterrestrial (ET) abductees are apparently being targeted by human covert-ops intelligence and/or military agencies.
  • If there is no such thing as ET abduction, then why is this happening to people who have nothing in their lives to warrant this kind of interest by human covert-ops agencies, other than that they claim to have experienced an ET abduction?
  • The experiences of harassment, surveillance and re-abductions suggests that there must be something very important about ET abduction and the abductees, or why all the time, energy, resources, and money being spent?

This research shows that a covert pursuit of developing extraterrestrial technologies, in combination with the military, economic and political gains that would be derived from such a pursuit, has resulted in making ET abductions a matter of National Security. Additionally, it provides immense insight into why an official disclosure of the UFO reality has not been forthcoming.

It would be a complete “dereliction of duty” if the National Security apparatus were not monitoring the abduction phenomenon, given the sheer numbers of people with abduction experiences worldwide, the totality of evidence for ET abductions, the advanced technology to be gained, and the implications of the very covert nature of abduction experiences.

This targeting, monitoring, and re-abduction of abductees by convert ops military and/or intelligence agencies may provide the strongest evidence for the reality of UFO abduction experiences.

[Melinda’s research points a spotlight at the dark underbelly of the UFO phenomenon, the involvement of government covert-ops agents in the re-abductions of ET “initiates.” (ET initiates are those Abductee/Experiencers who have been, or are being, taught the use of ET technology and/or given knowledge of ET plans and agendas. More on that, though, as Melinda’s presentation unfolds.) Her work gives credence to my story and the stories of others like me, who profess to be under the watchful eye of the government (or rather, a secret arm of the government) and harassed, even physically attacked, by its agents. – cw]

How Many ET Abductions are There?

The number of ET Abduction experiences is higher than you think and abductions have been going on longer than you know!

Many of the leading abduction researchers have upwards of 500 to 1,200 cases each, and growing. This includes international research.

  • Some worldwide abduction research and support organizations have cases in their files numbering over 10 thousand and more.
  • The abduction research community generally agrees that abductions may be happening to as much as 15% of the world’s population. The world’s population according to the US Census Bureau website, as of Feb. 2010 is over 6,801,350,000 people.
  • 15% of the world’s population is over 1,020,000,000 That’s one billion, twenty-million possible abductees!

[The logistics involved in monitoring over a billion people would is impossible given the present state of human technology, but for the ETs who can manipulate time (speed it up, slow it down, even stop and reverse it), such numbers wouldn’t present a problem. – cw]

  • Even if you take a more conservative view of 10% of the population you still have well over 680,000,000 people possibly being abducted?
  • Also, abductions go back in the genealogy of many abductee families 3 and 4 generations. I know of a family case going back 5 generations to the 1800’s where a great, grandmother wrote about it.

[My ET contacts (Harold’s chorus of Grays) have told me that they monitor family bloodlines back to their inception, the beginning of the human race. That’s why there are so many people involved in Alien Abduction. The original sampling at the beginning of time was probably small, but has grown to its present size because of the accumulative multiplying effect of the many generations that followed. – cw]

  • The Roper Poll conducted in 1991:
    • Question tacked on by Budd Hopkins, Prof. David Jacobs, and Ron Westrum with input by Dr. John Mack and Dr. John Carpenter.
    • According to the Roper organization the total respondents answering “yes” to the 5 key indicator questions used for determination was 2% of the sample. 2% of the 185,000,000 adult Americans represented in the poll’s sample is 3,700,000

[The poll was conducted in 1991, but published in 1992. If you Google it, be sure to include the year. Roper did another similar, but smaller Internet survey in 1999, but the earlier polling was done in “face to face” interviews in almost 6,000 homes across the country. – cw]

  • Abductions exist around the world! There are cases reported from everywhere; South America, Brazil, Russia, and all over Europe for example.
  • Anything happening to this many people, especially something taking place in such a covert manner as ET abductions, would have to be a matter of National Security!

When Did Covert-Ops Involvement Start?

In the same way that ET abductions are generational (going back in families) so too are covert-ops experiences:

  • I have adult cases that had covert-ops experiences when they were children and were taken by military along with their parents.
  • I have adult cases who discovered their parents had these types of experiences separately from them.
  • I have 4 cases where the abductees’ kids have experienced covert-ops experiences.       Some without their parents present!
  • Many of the cases have intelligence community connections going back on their family.       Many also include family members in aerospace, NASA, and covert or secret technology programs. Is there a connection?

[My father served in the OSS, the wartime intelligence agency of WWII – cw]

  • The experiences show that one of the prime reasons for the covert-ops involvement is for genetic study, so it makes sense to include families.

[That explains those ubiquitous “scoop marks” that many Abductee/Experiences find on various parts of their anatomy. They’re identical to what are called “punch biopsies” in Earthly medicine, which are a common way to collect DNA from a donor. It has long been thought that scoop marks are a sign of ET abduction. More likely that it’s done by Majestic’s doctors. Take a look at this photo of mine. – cw]

  • It has long been understood that genetics is a leading reason for ET abductions (i.e. production of hybrids), hence why a covert-ops interest.

[It’s not only the ETs. Majestic has their own ongoing hybrid program. See blog Post 155, Post 156 and Post 157, titled “The Original Human-Alien Hybrid Program. – cw]

Covert-ops abduction experiences go far back in abduction history and may exist in relatively high numbers:

  • From covert-ops involvement cases I’ve interviewed, and the cases of other researchers, data has emerged clearly showing these experiences going back in time to at least the early 1950’s if not prior.

[My personal “research” would push that back to at least 1946. – cw]

  • In a discussion with Kathieen Marden, co-author with Stanton Friedman of Captured: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, she explained that this case included the Hills having covert-ops involvement subsequent to their famous original 1961 abduction.       They experienced harassment, surveillance, a re-abduction of Barney, minder scenarios, and other elements typically found in my research. Researcher, Joe Montaldo, after listening to the original regression tapes of the Hills, made a controversial discovery that their initial experience may have happened in 2 parts over 2 day; one day an ET abduction and the other with military personal. Regardless, according to Kathleen, the Hills did have subsequent covert-ops involvement that continued long after the initial event!

[I think much of the history of modern human contact with ETs will have to be reexamined, in the light of Melinda’s research. – cw]

  • While reading Witness to Roswell by Don Schmitt and Tom Cary I noticed many profound similarities between the intimidation experiences described by many Roswell witnesses to abductees experiences. Covert-ops involvement with abductees is a current manifestation and continuation of an ongoing witness harassment and monitoring program that has existed throughout ufology history.       It’s business as usual!

Many abductees have experienced covert-ops involvement even if they don’t report it:

At a support meeting I mentioned my research and had assumed the group did not have many of these experiences or interest, but found out I was wrong. While sharing I noticed more than half of the 20 people present were nodding their heads hard in the affirmative and making facial expressions clearly implying they had experienced events similar to what I was describing. I was surprised by so many reactions. Additionally, the therapist leading this group had been unaware of the possible covert-ops experiences amongst their cases.

While attending a support group at a conference where various attendees share their experience, I noticed that some of these individuals were including covert-ops’ activities in their accounts. Struck by the number of people who were describing such events, I asked the group to raise their hands if they knew they had military involvement and 8 people did so. There were only 30 people present. Once again, I was surprised.

It’s important to note that these groups had a completely random sampling of abductees who had each experienced various forms of ET abduction and who were at different levels of acceptance of their ET experiences.

I can’t help but realize how surprised many abduction researchers, not to mention ufologists, would have been to see the number of responses. These random samplings represent a statistically bigger picture of covert-ops experiences. In the 2nd group, a total of 8 out of 30 abductees may have had involvement! This many cases would have staggering implications.

[The ratio of ET abductees who also have “covert-ops experiences” to the population of abductees at large is probably much higher than 8 to 30. There are undoubtedly those who don’t want to go public about their military harassment, as well as many who just haven’t yet become aware of their human abductors. In my own case, I’ve come to believe that “covert-ops agents” were coming into my bedroom in the middle of the night, even before I became aware of my ET visits in January of 1994. – cw]

Additionally, covert-ops abductees feel that other ET abductees and abduction researchers don’t understand the difficulty of living with these unique experiences. For example, covert-ops cases regularly express that their ET experiences are never as bad as their covert ones.

  • As expressed by one of my cases: “But out of all my experiences with varying alien beings, no experience has made me more angry than those that have involved the military.”
  • And as shared by another: “The aliens are never as bad as the military, the military are always much worse.”
  • Some of my cases have even asked the ETs for help, or feel they’ve received help from the ETs, in stopping their covert experiences.

[I don’t know if I could withstand Majestic’s continuing harassment, if it were not for the help I receive from my ETs. – cw]

(To be continued)

173: The Research of Melinda Leslie: Part 1 – Introduction

Throughout this blog I’ve posted many descriptions of my surveillance and harassment by a secret arm of our government that I call “Majestic.”1 For most people the idea that our government, secret or otherwise, would interfere in the lives of its citizens is so repugnant that they don’t even want to discuss it. Such talk is considered paranoid, unless of course you’re a terrorist, then the surveillance is justified.

Melinda Leslie is one of the few researchers who has focused on this type of government involvement in the lives of Abductee/Experiencers. I met Melinda a few years ago when I was writing my book, Abducted by Aliens. Knowing of the government connection in my case, Les Valez of OPUS introduced me to her. She is an Abductee/Experiencer herself, with stories of her own military involvement that are quite frankly pretty scary, including an incident when a gun was pointed to her head.

Ms. Leslie has a presentation of her research that she gives at various UFO gatherings around the country titled, The Covert-Ops’ Reverse-Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees, and offers a printed version of it for sale on her website.2

In this series of posts, I will attempt to summarize her thesis and compare it to my own experiences.

{To be continued}


1 The original blue-ribbon panel charged by President Truman with investigating the Roswell Incident in 1947 was supposedly named the “Majestic-12 Committee.” I surmise that that panel never disbanded, but continued in operation to coordinate the gathering of all information concerning UFOs and their occupants. Over the years it has undoubtedly changed its name, but I still use the word “Majestic” to describe the secret agency in charge of all things concerning UFOs, as well as the surveillance and harassment of Abductee/Experiencers.

 2 While we have all heard stories (from Bob Lazar and others) of the reverse-engineering of ET technology at Area 51, her title referring to the reverse-engineering of Abductees seems a bit confusing at first, until she explains it in the body of her presentation.

148: Followed by a Drone Helicopter

About a week or so before my book went to press in September of 2008, I was followed a helicopter on my way to work. I was walking down the alley beside my apartment building that leads to the subway station a block away, where I catch the train each morning. The sound of the chopper was loud as I stepped outside and it hovered almost directly overhead. As I headed down the alleyway, it sounded like it was following. When I looked up, I saw that it was about four stories above the ground and just a little behind me. It traveled slowly matching my pace and when I stopped, it stopped. I stopped three different times to turn around and look up at it and each time it stopped and wouldn’t start moving again . . . until I did.

The message was clear. I was not to forget that they were watching me.

It was a small whirlybird. I thought at the time that it probably couldn’t hold more than one person. Although I tried, I couldn’t make out anyone seated behind the curved windshield in front. It was painted white without any markings, either on the body of the chopper or on its undercarriage.

When I got to the subway station at the end of the alleyway, it banked and flew away at a much greater speed than when it was pacing me.

147: Selling at the Expo, under Majestic’s Watchful Eye

At last, after two years of consistent effort, I was finally able to hold a finished copy of Abducted by Aliens in my hands. It was one of the most satisfying moments of my life.

I had just picked the books up from the printer and was on my way to the UFO Expo, an annual convention held at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, California. My friend Harold, also an Abductee/Experiencer, was with me. I brought him along to help me man the sales table I had rented, and to share in the excitement of debuting my book to the public.

Majestic was there, waiting for us.

The first indication that we were under their watchful eye was when we checked into our room. There on our pillows were chocolate wafers that are sometimes offered as a welcoming gift by the finer hotels. The only thing was, this hotel had never offered any such amenity before, and a quick call to the desk confirmed that they had not changed their policy since the last time I had stayed there. Throughout the time we were there things we knew that we had unpacked showed up missing, but were later discovered to have been put back in their suitcases.

Perhaps the most telling incident was when we ordered extra towels from Housekeeping. When the guy showed up at our door to deliver them, he was shaking like a leaf as he handed them over. He didn’t even stick around for a tip, but instead darted off quickly after shoving the towels into Harold’s hands. He looked to be of Hispanic decent, perhaps undocumented, and we speculated that he might have felt “caught in the middle” while Majestic orchestrated things from down in the bowels of the hotel. It certainly would have been stressful for the hotel employees (documented or not) to have Homeland Security agents* mulling around their work spaces, and our delivery guy was obviously stressed out.

Even though Majestic was very much “in our face” thorough out the convention, as a new author it was a rousing success for me. In my conversations with the other sellers there, my book sold much better than any other title, even though sales were down in general because of the economic recession.


* Majestic (or whatever name it is currently using) is a super secret agency, unregulated by any congressional oversight committee. As such it must stay hidden in the background, so it will use the various intelligence agencies as cover for its operations.

146: Publishing the Book: More Harassment from Majestic

Finishing the manuscript was one thing. Taking it through the process of converting it from a computer file to a real book was an education, made all the more challenging by Majestic’s overt harassment throughout the process.

My illustrator, Dana Augustine, created beautiful covers for the book, but it wasn’t easy. The front cover went off with out a hitch, but the rear cover took several attempts because Majestic invaded his computer three different times and destroyed the work he had carefully crafted. “I’ve being doing this for years,” he said. “It’s not like there’s a big delete button I keep pressing.” He was allowed to finish it, but only at the last minute.

My intent was to introduce my book at the UFO Expo, a local convention that comes to Santa Clara, California every year. I carefully planned everything so that I should have gotten the books from the printer with a good four weeks to spare. WRONG!   Dana was put behind schedule so far that by the time he finished his work, I had only one week left to get it printed. Luckily I had chosen a local printer to save time, as well as shipping charges. But even at that, something happened to the presses that delayed things still further, and I wound up having to pick up the books in a rented car on my way to the convention, the morning after they were finally printed. The ink literally had just dried to the point where they could be handled.

Obtaining an exact PDF copy of my MSWord file to send to the printer was even a hassle. Every time I would try, the formatting would change somewhere in the document. I’d have to scroll throughout the book to find where a title may have suddenly appeared in a different sized font, or where a section of the text suddenly went from fully justified to left justified. It nearly had me tearing my hair out. I suspected Majestic (and still do), as they had showed me several times before that they can take control of my computer any time they want.

After a book is published, it needs to be promoted, and a website is one way to get exposure. I found someone to build my first website (one I’ve since abandoned), but again Majestic wasn’t going to make it easy. She was incredulous at first, but after repeated attempts to do little things like uploading a page to the site, she finally said, “It certainly feels like harassment!” It was only when I suggested to her that we report the interference to the FBI that Majestic stopped their mischief. Hacking a website is a Federal offense and I speculate that they didn’t want an investigation, even a low level one, to which they would have to answer.

118: Advice to the Newly Awakened (Part Two)

(From Pages 254 – 257 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

One form of harassment, which at first you probably wouldn’t even recognize as such, appears as just a string of “bad luck.” Misfortune of course happens naturally, but in cases where it’s Majestic manipulating from behind the scenes, your personal crisis is meant to isolate you and keep you occupied with survival issues. That way you won’t have time to devote to things like attending UFO conventions or writing a book about your ET experiences.

Another form of harassment is what I call “Red Herrings.” I described an example of this earlier, when Majestic agents came into my apartment while I slept and disfigured a religious pendant of mine. I would lay it carefully on my night stand before retiring and on two occasions I awoke to find it charred and twisted. (I replaced it after the first time and they did it again.)   I realized later that it was meant to make me believe that the ETs, for whatever reason, were reacting violently to my religion. This kind of stunt can only work if the target isn’t yet aware of Majestic’s presence in their life. Once someone understands that they’re under government surveillance, then tactics like that can’t be made to work any longer and the harassment is bumped up a notch.

It will likely now be of the variety designed to make you act paranoid. If you’re talking about UFOs at all, Majestic will want you talking crazy. If you’re obviously agitated when you tell people the government is spying on you, you might sound crazy enough to attract the attention of the men in white coats and then there goes your credibility.

Examples of a low-level form of this type of harassment are the “clicks” that many people hear on their telephones when they suspect their conversations are being recorded. The truth is that Majestic wants you to hear those clicks and to know that they’re listening so you’ll talk “crazy” to your friends and family. It’s not that they’re working with antiquated mechanical equipment that makes noises. If they didn’t want you to know they’re there, you wouldn’t hear anything.

If for some reason you’re on their “special” list, then watch out. It can get ugly, but try and keep your cool nonetheless. If you find yourself under psychological attack, know that acting freaked-out is exactly what Majestic wants you to do. If instead you can remain calm and rational when you talk about your harassment, you’ll be fighting back in the most effective way possible. Whenever I attend UFO conventions or support groups, or in any way present myself as an UFO Experiencer in public, I dress in business attire. It’s amazing what being well dressed does for one’s credibility.

Many an Experiencer has had an “aha!” moment, when they thought they had put some pieces of the puzzle together, only to find out later that they didn’t really fit. If you think you know the answer, you probably don’t, at least not consciously. In other words, I recommend suspending judgment on most things. Stanton Friedman, noted UFO researcher and author, advises the same. He calls it his “Gray Box.” If he doesn’t know for sure, it goes into the Gray Box to await any further information on the subject.

Be open-minded, but be critical at the same time. There is much disinformation in UFOlogy. I’m inclined to believe Jim Keith when he said, “There are a number of accounts of the military attempting to infiltrate public UFO research organizations, apparently in an attempt to monitor and disinform the field, and to delude the public at large on the subject of UFOs. On a number of occasions the UFO field has been infiltrated by military intelligence personnel, and well-known UFO ‘researchers,’ possibly even the majority of the prominent ones, have loyalties that seem not to reside with the UFO research community or with the truth.” 36

During the late 1960s, there were so many FBI agents who had infiltrated the Black Panther Party that they were literally informing on each other! I’m sure that the UFO community receives the same overkill treatment from Majestic. They have an unlimited Black Budget from which to draw and can afford to fund any scheme their little, reptilian minds can hatch. (I’m sorry. Is my bias showing?)

I’m just saying be skeptical. Believe half of what you see, half again of what you hear; and put the rest in your Gray Box.


 36    Keith, p. 33.

106: Why Me?

(From Pages 222 – 224 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

There is an obvious question that every Abductee/Experiencer asks. When I first asked the question, it was because I was in awe to think that somehow I had attracted the attention of real-life Space Aliens. I naturally asked, “Why me?”

Some of my friends said that it was because I had agreed to be contacted before I was even born on Earth. That sounded too weird for me at the time, but because they were my friends, I simply deferred judgment on their explanation. And at any rate, that didn’t really answer the question. Later I learned that Abductions are generational and that my family line has probably been monitored since the dawn of time. Okay, but again, why? (Sometimes, I feel like a two-year-old, asking that question over and over.)

It’s been made plain to me that for some reason, I’m being given “special treatment” by the Grays; and I’m very grateful for their interventions. I know that I’m cooperating with them, and to some people that makes me a fifth-column subversive, under the mind control of Space Aliens and a traitor to my species.

Later I discovered that Aliens weren’t my only visitors in the night and that I had government intruders as well. Here, I thought I knew the answer to “Why me?” It’s Majestic’s job to keep tabs on the people who are in contact with ETs, I reasoned. That was understandable enough. But when things escalated from electronic monitoring and surveillance to harassment and psychological warfare, I suddenly didn’t have a ready answer to that question.

Why am I of so much concern to Majestic? Although there are some Experiencers who are harassed as often and as savagely as I (and some others, I’m told, even more so) most Abductee/Experiencers are only spied upon by their government, not attacked. So again I ask, “Why me?”

I used to think that it was because of my activism within the UFO community, and the fact that I had outed a mole in the support group I facilitated. When I quit UFOlogy for those nine years, the level of my harassment abated and I was able to forget at times that I was under constant scrutiny by human eyes. It became “in your face” again when I decided to resume work on this book, and it’s been that way ever since. I guess that’s part of the answer. They must consider me to be both articulate and credible enough to be a threat. I certainly hope so.

UFO researcher Melinda Leslie, who specializes in Abduction cases where there is also evidence of what she calls “military re-abductions,” believes the government is conducting debriefing sessions with Experiencers, often subsequent to their ET visits, in an attempt to gather information on anything Alien. She says that because the ET presence on Earth is considered to be the biggest national security issue there is, it’s quite understandable that the government does whatever it thinks necessary to keep tabs on what the Aliens are doing and the information they’re giving to selected people.

Fair enough, and that would explain those times I was drugged in the middle of the night, but there must be something else going on with me personally. Why resort to extreme measures in my case? Why the blood and guts on my shower curtain? Why scare my girlfriend so badly that she fled the state without telling me, or even her own family? Why rape me? Why am I the focus of these attacks by Majestic? Could it be that what makes me so special to the ETs is the same reason Majestic has singled me out for harsh treatment?

Why? Why? Why? It seems like everyone knows the answer to that question, except me.

103: Rape, the Ultimate Harassment

(From Pages 201 – 206 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

I was reluctant to write about this at first, but I know personally of three other Experiencers to whom this has happened, and I only know of one other person in UFOlogy who has ever written of her experience with this specialized form of psychological warfare. In the early morning hours of August 22, 2007, I was raped in my apartment in the middle of the night. I must tell you that I have been mercifully spared any memory of the actual event, but the evidence left behind was real and convincing. I’ll explain.

I had a restless night, like so many nights over so many years, and knew that something had happened. I wasn’t too concerned, however, and went about my routine, as I got ready to go to work. My anus felt inflamed and hurt a bit, but I didn’t have time to check and thought it was probably my hemorrhoids acting up again. (Sorry to be so graphic, but it’s hard not to when discussing the details of a rape.)

Work kept me busy and it wasn’t until I got home that I had the time to relax enough to attempt a bowel movement. My sphincter was much tighter than usual. After a while I was able to produce something, but what came out of me was not what I expected. The toilet tissue was covered with a clear jelly-like substance. As I sat there looking at the tissue and feeling how sore my anus was, it suddenly occurred to me what I was looking at . . . K-Y jelly!

At that point, I started to go into a full blown panic attack. My heart started beating faster and my breath quickened, as my head reeled with the thought that I had been raped. But as quickly as the panic hit me, another force, an outside force, took over and I suddenly felt extremely altered, perceptually. I felt like I was peaking on acid (yes, I took LSD in my youth) and I couldn’t concentrate on the simplest of thoughts. I struggled to gain control of my mental faculties, but finally had to give up and go to bed early. The next morning I woke up still feeling altered and I knew that trying to go to work was useless, so I didn’t and called in sick instead.

The whole day was spent in that altered mental state, and it wasn’t until the next morning that I could even attempt to do anything that required coherent thought. I was able to go back to work and function only because the papers on my desk kept me focused on my tasks; but whenever my mind would stray to thoughts of the rape and I would feel myself becoming agitated, I instantly felt myself altered again. A few trips to the bathroom throughout the day were necessary to collect myself and refocus.

For about a week or so afterwards, that altered state would hit me whenever I thought about what had been done to me. The degree of my mental impairment gradually lessened during those days, as my own sense of panic waned, until I was able to think about having been violated without too much emotional upset.

I’m convinced that the altered state of consciousness, which would come over me like a heavy blanket that protected me from my own thoughts, was an intervention by the ETs. They did this for me once before, when Majestic goons painted the inside of my shower curtain with blood and guts to try and unhinge me emotionally. I remember when I woke up that morning I was also in an altered state, but it wasn’t so strong as to limit my ability to function. I was up for an hour or more before I stepped into the shower and was altered all that time. When I pulled the curtain shut and first saw the grisly sight, I remember feeling detached and separated from what my body was doing, as my hands took the detachable showerhead from its mounting on the wall and washed it down. I felt like someone watching a movie, without any emotion, as I stared at the blood swirling down the drain.

In a way, their interceding in the same manner as they did before helped to confirm my suspicions. They responded to my distress, and did so very quickly, because they were waiting. They knew I would “freak out” when I discovered what had happened and they were there, ready to respond, when I did.

But why did Majestic rape me? I’m almost embarrassed to answer that question. I was raped because I just about asked for it. Another example of, “Watch what you say when you know you’re being bugged.” Let me explain.

A few weeks earlier my close friend, Harold, had been raped by Majestic. He was living with me at the time. I offered him and his partner, Phoenix, my floor to sleep on while they looked for a new apartment, after they lost the one they had had for years and suddenly found themselves homeless in the big city (long story). As I said earlier I know Harold to be a real psychic, his having proven that fact to me on several occasions. During those few months when we lived together, the two of us would sit up at late at night and use his natural ability to “remote view” to snoop into areas that greatly upset our government watchdogs at the time.

Harold remembers waking up, but not being able to move or open his eyes. (Although Phoenix and I were asleep nearby, we were unconscious.) He says he heard sounds in the room and smelled someone’s perfume or aftershave lotion. He felt the rape happen, with all the physical sensations, and then quickly lost consciousness afterwards. They didn’t use any K-Y jelly with him, though, and his anus bled the next morning. Harold is gay and says that he always bleeds from the rectum whenever he has “rough sex.”

I was incensed when he told me, and said something to the effect that if they ever did that to me, I would declare war and get back at them any way I could. Empty words, of course, and after I said them, I wished I hadn’t. I remember I had an uneasy feeling that I might have set something in motion that I would later regret. Evidently I did.

In addition to Harold, I personally know two women Experiencers who were apparently raped in the night while sleeping in their beds. One was able to handle it fairly well and not draw attention to herself, but the other was forcibly hospitalized after she became upset and started acting paranoid. If you say that you were raped in the park, that’s one thing, but to say that you were raped at home, with the doors and windows locked, and that you couldn’t move or see who it was, is quite another matter. In the first scenario you might get the help you need, but in the latter all you’ll get is a one-way ticket to the locked mental ward of your local county hospital.

Author and UFO Experiencer Leah A. Haley describes experiencing memory flashes of being raped by a Reptilian in her book, Unlocking Alien Closets: Abductions, Mind Control, and Spirituality. 25 She’s uncertain as to whether or not it was an actual event or a vivid dream, but later said that it might have been a screen memory created for her to disguise a real rape by human intruders. When she later researched the subject of rape in the context of psychological warfare, Ms. Haley learned that it’s used as a mind-control technique within the intelligence community to make the victim feel helpless and to destroy the will to resist.

In my case I was mercifully spared any memory of the event, so Majestic failed to get a response from me and I am not intimated. But I’m also very humbled when I think of how I was helped by my ET friends. I honestly don’t know if I could withstand these assaults from Majestic, if it wasn’t for their assistance.

25 Leah A. Haley, Unlocking Alien Closets: Abductions, Mind Control, and Spirituality, Murfreesboro, TN: Greenleaf Publications, 2003.

102: The Missing Pillowcase & the Beautiful Blond

(From Page 198 – 200 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

In May of 2006, Arian took me to task for not finishing my book about my ET experiences. She said that I had vegetated all that time and that I needed to get back to doing what I was born on Earth to accomplish, namely to help other Experiencers. I admitted that, although I didn’t know what my purpose in life was, she was right about the state of stagnation I had fallen into, and I vowed to end my self-imposed exile from the UFO community and to finish my manuscript, which finally became the book you’re now reading.

Since the conversation took place in my apartment, I knew Majestic was listening in and, sure enough, only four nights later when I went to bed I discovered their “calling card.” My pillowcase was missing. When I flung back the covers, my naked pillow stared up at me – a simple but obvious way to signal that Majestic had been there. They wanted to make it abundantly clear that they could get back in my face again, anytime they chose. This was their first warning. The second came ten days later, after a lot of furious writing in my journal.

I always have my lunch at the same eatery, a small establishment not too far from where I work that serves a hearty chicken chili. There is seating for a couple of dozen people outside with metal tables and chairs and, weather permitting, that is where I usually choose to sit and read while I eat.

On that day I had to take my lunch later than usual, so I had the place to myself as I took my seat outside where I could enjoy the fresh air. There was no one else in sight, as I scooted the chair back from the table and sat down. I took a bite of my chili and read a couple of pages of the book I had with me, before inserting a marker and putting it down to take another. As I looked up, I saw a beautiful young woman in business attire, with long flowing blond hair, wearing big dark sunglasses and sitting about thirty feet or so in front of me. She kept staring in my direction.

She wasn’t doing anything else. She didn’t have anything to eat in front of her. She wasn’t looking through any papers, like some business people do during lunch. She had no obvious purpose for being there. She was just staring. With her sunglasses, it was hard to determine if we were making eye contact, but there was nothing behind me of any interest for her to look at and I was the only one seated there. I returned to my book and as I continued to eat and read, she continued to stare.

When I had finished my lunch and the chapter I was reading, I started to leave. At the exact same moment that I stood up, she grabbed her purse and started walking briskly in the opposite direction of where I was headed. After a few seconds, I turned around to look at her again, just as she turned around to look at me! (We really did make eye contact then.) She quickly turned away and continued walking. I turned the corner of the building and waited a few seconds before I peered back around. She had stopped near one of the tables and was talking on her cell phone.

Now I’m always ready to look at a young, beautiful woman, but at 59 years of age I didn’t expect any to look at me. No, this wasn’t some missed opportunity in a middle-aged male fantasy. This was Majestic’s way of telling me that I had better watch my step.

I regret, though, that I didn’t come up from behind her and snatch that phone from her hands. How sweet that would have been! All the numbers stored inside would have been compromised and would have had to have been changed. She wouldn’t have called the police because, if she had, she would have had to reveal details in the report about herself, such as where she lived and where she worked.

But one never thinks to do such things at the time.

101: They Got at Me through My Girlfriend

(From Pages 195 – 197 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

My girlfriend and I were deeply in love. We met through my UFO support group in 1997 and shared a willingness to explore the new reality in which we found ourselves, as well as to brave Majestic’s harassment together. I had told her earlier about the incident in the shower and Majestic’s attempt to unhinge me psychologically, but she still chose to be with me. I felt that at long last I had found someone with whom I could share my fantastic life. For the first time, in a long time, I was happy.

When I last saw Paula (not her real name) before she left my apartment for the last time, we had just renewed our vow of love to each other, which was so strong to us both that it left us feeling that we must be “soul mates.” She was scheduled that Thursday for minor surgery, a walk-in procedure, and we made plans to be with each other after she recovered over the weekend. I found out later, though, that she never did have the surgery, and she disappeared without a trace. I never saw her again.

I tried repeatedly to call her after that weekend, but to no avail. It was as if she had dropped off the face of the planet. I checked the hospital ERs in the area, but they had no record of her. After a week, I was in a panic and even suspected that her estranged roommate might have killed her, but repeated Tarot card readings that I did convinced me that she was alive. What could have happened? I was dazed and confused. It made no sense to me.

To know a real psychic is to be fortunate indeed. With all the charlatans out there, you can only trust channeled information if it comes from a source known to you personally.

I happen to be extremely fortunate in that I know three real psychics. All are women, with one of them living in a man’s body. I’ve known Arian since the early 1970s and Leila for nearly as long. I met Harold in 1995 and he has been a good friend to me ever since.

Arian and Leila told me essentially the same story, independently of each other. Harold, though, couldn’t really get a sense of it at the time. They both said that Paula had somehow discovered that after the surgery for which she was scheduled, “other” doctors were planning to take over the operation and implant something in her. (I think most likely it would have been a tracking device of some kind.) 24 She became terrified and ran away.

I remembered that earlier she had given me a phone number of a friend of hers who lives out of state. I called the friend, hoping that she might know something. She confirmed that she was in touch with Paula and would be seeing her soon. She promised to deliver my message to Paula asking her to contact me. She never did.

The incident effectively ended the support group that I had started. My heart had been ripped out and I was devastated. I never called for another meeting. After that I dropped out of the UFO community altogether . . . until now.

24 Earlier I described what I believe to be a government implant, located over my left temple.

100: Blood & Guts in the Shower

(From Pages 193 – 194 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

What I’m about to relate is an example of the hardcore psychological warfare that is sometimes waged against Experiencers. I think in my case it was also an example of the “red herring” type of harassment in which Majestic specializes.

A friend of mine was undecided about my involvement with ETs, even though she had had several experiences of her own that suggested she was also doing things in the middle of the night of which she was unaware. She became very excited, however, about cattle mutilations and how the Grays may be involved in that puzzle, after I showed her a video on the subject.

Three days later, I woke up and prepared to take my shower as usual. After I stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain across its length, I saw that it was smeared on the inside with what looked like a mixture of blood and small pieces of intestine, perhaps ground up in a blender. I cleaned up and tried to save a sample. All I had was some toilet paper to put it on, though, and after a few days it dried up and disappeared into the fibers of the tissue. Perhaps if I had had some glass slides, I could have saved something that would have lasted.

I think I was prepared earlier by the Grays for the emotional shock of what I was to find in my shower. All the while I was up and about my apartment before stepping into the tub, about an hour or so, I felt altered, as if I had taken a mild psychedelic drug. When I saw their little “surprise” I wasn’t nearly as shocked as I should have been. I washed the curtain down using the detachable shower nozzle, but as I watched the blood swirl down the drain I felt somehow emotionally detached from it all, and to this day there is still a dream quality associated with the memory of this event.

Majestic was definitely trying to add to my paranoia with this stunt, and probably hoped that I would blame the Grays because of their association with animal mutilations. If that was their intent, it didn’t work. By that time, even though I was agonizing over “the meaning of it all,” I felt that the ETs were concerned about my welfare and I just knew they would never do anything to harm me, either physically or psychologically. This had very definitely been a psychological attack, and I knew instantly who had orchestrated it.

95: Red Herrings (Part Two)

(From Pages 182 – 185 Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

There was another time when Majestic tried to lead me astray, in an attempt to hurt me financially. I was working for the “Employer from Hell” at a home for six disadvantaged boys. He ran an exceptional program for his kids (and still does), offering them opportunities I couldn’t give my own daughter, but he was tyrannical with his staff. When I started work there I was shown a list a page and a half long, typed single-spaced, of the names of all the people who had worked there in the previous year and quit. It was during the recession after 9/11 when jobs were scarce and I needed one desperately. Needless to say, shortly after I was hired I started looking for something better. Fortunately, I worked the night shift and could job hunt during the day.

One morning I got a call from a temporary employment agency that I had never contacted. They said they downloaded my resume from Craig’s List, a popular online resource that matches employers with applicants, and had a temporary job offer that they thought would be a good match for me. It seemed a little strange because I had posted my resume at that website over a year earlier and my mediocre office skills weren’t particularly in high demand.

As much as I hated my job, I didn’t want to leave it without some expectation of getting something better and equally long-term. I asked if it was a “Temp-to-Hire” assignment, meaning that if I performed well could I expect to be offered a permanent position. I was assured that it was. Although I didn’t have a good feeling about it, I went in anyway and filled out their paperwork and took their tests so I could see what they had to offer. At the end of it all, they said they wanted to send me on a three-month temporary assignment to one of their clients downtown. Again I asked if it was a Temp-to-Hire. This time they hemmed and hawed, and finally said that it would likely turn out that way. It was Friday afternoon and they wanted me to start that next Monday. (My employer had said many times that he could fire without notice, and didn’t expect any himself if anyone wanted to leave his employ.) Against my better judgment I said yes to their offer.

When I got home, I still had a bad taste in my mouth about it all. Who picks out a resume online that’s over a year old to cold-call someone with a temp position that doesn’t require any special skills? I ran into my next-door neighbor who has many years of experience as a corporate headhunter, and told her the story. She also thought it was odd. She knew nothing of my ET experiences at the time, so hers was a professional opinion. I had the strong feeling I was being set up for a fall. If I took the position, I was sure I could impress any illegitimate employer and be hired permanently if a permanent position were available. But this job offer smelled to high heaven. I felt that Majestic was trying to lure me out onto a limb so they could saw it off. I called my contact at the agency and declined their offer.

At first he tried to talk me out of it. They had already arranged everything and I just couldn’t back out now, he insisted. When I said again that I wasn’t going to take the job, he suddenly got very angry. If I didn’t take the assignment they would never offer me another, he threatened in one last effort to get me to swallow the bait. I told him I understood that and, although I had been civil throughout the conversation, I had to hang up when he started yelling at me.

His sudden change in attitude and insistence I take the job was way out of proportion to the importance of the position that was offered. And why, I reasoned, would any employment agency give a damn if someone declined a temporary job offer during a recession, when employers can cherry pick from an overabundance of overqualified applicants? No, I was right not to walk into their trap. After the temporary assignment was over, I would have been unemployed again.

I went back to my job and pressed on with my search for something better. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long. I was soon offered a good position with a substantial raise in salary and full benefits.

I’ve learned to follow my instincts.

94: Red Herrings (Part One)

(From Pages 181 – 182 Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

A favorite trick of Majestic’s is to do little things in such a way that you think it was the work of the ETs. Before I realized that I was the target of a government psychological warfare campaign, agents would enter my apartment late at night while I was asleep to do their mischief. (I believe them to have some kind of sonic device that emits a frequency that induces a deep, coma-like state to insure the target remains asleep.) I woke up one time to discover that my library of UFO books had been tampered with. Every other book had been pushed deeper into the bookcase than the one beside it. I puzzled over the meaning of that for a while, thinking that it had been the work of the ETs.

I used to wear a religious symbol around my neck and under my shirt. Before I went to bed I would carefully lay the pendant on my end table. Twice I woke up to find that the medallion had been burned and twisted. After the first time I replaced it, but then it happened again. Both times it left me with serious questions about the ETs.

When I became aware of Majestic’s intrusion in my life, I put two and two together. The spooks were trying to make me believe that the ETs were somehow hostile to my religion and therefore probably “evil” Aliens. I later found out that the opposite is really the case. If anything, the Grays want to foster feelings of spirituality, because they know that our devotion to materialism is killing us and our planet. Dr. John Mack wrote in his book Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters, “The alien abduction phenomenon may, in fact, be thought of as a kind of intervention, sometimes harsh, that may have the purpose of bringing about change in the ways of humankind. But when it comes to our responsibility for the fate of the Earth, the ‘method’ seems to be to bring about psycho-spiritual growth or the expansion of awareness.” 22

{To be continued}

22 John Mack, Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters, New York, NY: Crown Publishers, 1999, p. 110.

93: Childish Games

(From Pages 179 – 180 Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Over the years I’ve found that one of the little things Majestic agents like to do when they harass Abductee/Experiencers (and this is probably something even described in their field manual) is to hide things in the target’s home. I know it sounds childish, but they’ve done this with my friends Harold and Phoenix, as well. Sometimes I would think to myself that I had just been absent-minded and forgot where I put something. Other times, I knew an item was missing and, sure enough, I would eventually find it buried underneath something I hadn’t moved in years. This happens a lot to my UFO books. Other items have included my belt (I had to go to work that morning without one and buy another during my lunch hour), the remote to the TV (of course), and even $300 in cash. You can’t really call them thieves. They don’t take anything; they just hide it.

{Over time that list has gown. I never kept a written list, thinking that it would only encourage Majestic, but from what I can remember it would include an ATM debit card, dozens of CDs, and 2,500 silver dimes that I had stowed under my bed in the event of an economic meltdown. I later found many of the UFO books (but not all) in a clothes hamper with some old newspapers on top that I hadn’t moved in years. I also found the belt and TV remote in places where I couldn’t have possibly mislaid them. The $300 and silver dimes are still missing, but there are many hiding places in my cluttered apartment. – Chuck}

It takes some getting used to, being spied upon. The privacy that most Americans take for granted is routinely violated when it comes to Abductee/Experiencers, and our cases are never reviewed by the FISA Court. Paranoia is usually the first reaction and Majestic works hard to make sure that it is. Discovering that Big Brother is looking directly at you can be quite unsettling. But over time, you do get used to it.

I have to smile, though, at my fellow countrymen who are shocked to learn that their government has been spying on its citizens, even before 9/11. As they legally lose their civil liberties, one by one, they might do well to ask their neighborhood Abductee/Experiencer for advice on how to cope with living in a glass house.

91: Conspiracy Theories

(From Pages 175 – 177 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

To many, the thought of their being unseen controlling influences in our lives is only for the most paranoid, and unworthy of serious discussion. Many, probably the majority of people, are automatically dismissive of any topic labeled as a “conspiracy theory.” To them it’s easier to believe that the improbable happens because of coincidence, or even incompetence, rather than by design. 19

Most people are more likely to acknowledge that a portion of our population is being abducted by Space Aliens than to accept that those same individuals might be spied upon, intimated, harassed and even physically assaulted by their own government. We need to believe in our government and don’t like to think that it would purposely harm a targeted segment of its own citizens. Even within the UFO community, many people are reluctant to believe that our government does anything more than tap the telephones of Abductee/Experiencers while monitoring ET activity on Earth. This is a difficult paradigm shift for most people, but one that is especially important for Experiencers to undergo.

Our harassment often includes a hypnotically induced “debriefing” by the military after an ET visit. None of this is talked about much at the UFO conventions held around the country on an annual basis. The pioneering work of researcher Melinda Leslie, who coined the phrase “military re-abduction,” is a lone cry in the bleak and empty wilderness that passes for the current state of affairs in UFOlogy. While Majestic’s debriefings of those in contact with ETs are understandable from a National Security standpoint, the psychological warfare they wage against targeted individuals seems unnecessary and especially mean-spirited.

Our harassment by Majestic needs to be more openly addressed within the UFO community. For that to happen, though, Abductee/Experiencers will need to be more open about their “Close Encounters of the Government Kind.” Only by shining the light of day on this issue can we hope to get Majestic to change their methods.

19 Consult page 339 in the Appendix for a list of quotations by famous people in history on the subject of conspiracies.

71: The Physical Evidence – Puncture Marks

(From Pages 137 – 140 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

On many occasions over the years, I would discover what looked like puncture marks on various parts of my body, including the backs of my legs and hands. Many of these incidents were duly reported in my journal. (Post 57, Post 60 and Post 63) If they were needle punctures, I don’t know who administrated the injections. It could have been the ETs or my human intruders, although I expect that both do inject me with something at various times for their own separate purposes.

These puncture marks were of two distinct varieties. Some I was able to easily identify as needle injection sites, especially when I felt like I was drugged. Then there were those that appeared in clusters, forming circular or semicircular patterns on the backs of my legs. They were accompanied by a raised portion of the skin directly below the puncture and looked for all the world like mosquito bites. These mosquito-like marks have been reported by other Abductee/Experiencers.

I also have a lower back injury, and in the days leading up to the Bay Area UFO Expo in Santa Clara, California in August of 2006, it was particularly painful in the sciatic area on the left side. I could feel a skin disruption of some kind there, but couldn’t see anything using my personal hand mirror. When I checked into my hotel room, I used the magnifying mirror attached to the wall in the bathroom to get a better look. It was a puncture mark and it was directly over the source of my pain.

It was the first UFO convention that I attended after I restarted work on my book, and I took a room for the weekend so I wouldn’t have to commute the 50 miles each way for both days of the event. I woke up the next morning with a fresh needle mark on the back of my right hand. Cynthia, an Experiencer friend of mine who was also attending the convention, was quite excited when she saw it and showed my hand to several of her friends.

The motives of my human tormentors are fairly easy to discern. I’m told that, aside from wanting to inflict pain and suffering by inflaming old injuries, the abductions by the government (called “military re-abductions”) are often done to “debrief” the Abductee/Experiencer after an ET visit, through the use of hypnosis and sometimes the injection of drugs.

I said earlier that I thought that at least some of my puncture marks were caused by the ETs. But why would they want to inject me with anything?

In the early morning hours of August 17, 1994 I woke up feeling very altered perceptually and staggered to my desk to write two words on my notepad, “I’m metamorphosing.” I wanted to document the thought I had in my head when I woke up, but I couldn’t stay conscious and right afterwards stumbled back to my pillow and “fell asleep.”

The drugs administered by the ETs are, I think, meant to alter me internally. The process, called “Transgenics,” is described in a book by UFO researchers Budd Hopkins and his wife Carol Rainey. The authors believe that, in addition to the human–Alien hybrid program where human female eggs and male sperm are united with Alien genes to form hybrid fetuses, humans are also physically “transformed” using gene therapy.

As to why Aliens would want to alter selected humans, all we can do is speculate. To survive on other planets? To survive here on Earth, after some drastic change that is to come? To change us into a fifth column of methane-breathing Space Bugs in preparation for an invasion? Who knows? All I know is that I don’t.

63: Drugged!

(From Pages 124 – 126 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Friday, July 14th

I woke up today feeling very spacey, like I was drugged. Two hours at work and four cups of coffee later, I still couldn’t shake the feeling. I was making simple mistakes with the paperwork on my desk and finally decided to go home. We are moving part of the office to a new location this afternoon, and although I wanted to stay and help, I knew I couldn’t be useful in my present condition. I’m going to take a nap and hope that helps.

As I powered up my computer to make this notation, I checked the history of my “Window Washer” program (it overwrites the histories of various files on the computer), and it said that the last “wash” overwrote seven Internet-related files. The thing is, I haven’t been able to access the Internet for some time now. When I try, the system message always says that I can’t connect because either the modem is already being used or it’s missing. I have a modem, but I think that Majestic has taken control of it.

Saturday, July 15th

I got up this morning at about 8 o’clock and had my usual weekend breakfast at the corner restaurant. I still felt drugged and the feeling didn’t really leave me until after noon. It was only then that I noticed that I have two new wounds on my right hand. They are red and ugly and appear to be infected, so they would have to have been there for a day or so to have gotten so nasty. The one near the second joint of my thumb is a cut, three sixteenths of an inch long. The other is near a vein on the back of my hand, near the base of the thumb. The vein is raised and that is the only way I would know that it’s there, because I can’t see a vein on my left hand at the same