172: 24 Hours of Missing Time!

I originally posted this at my old website on May 31, 2011 – Chuck

I went bed at 10:30 in the evening. That was Sunday night. I got out of bed at 8 o’clock this morning, fully expecting to enjoy another day off from work because of the Memorial Day weekend. I was wrong. Wesley called earlier this morning and was surprised to discover that I was home. When he came by a few hours ago, he explained that he had thought I would have been at work because it was Tuesday. “Impossible,” I said, but a quick glance at my Outlook calendar confirmed it. Some time in the last 24 hours . . . I lost 24 hours.

I know that in the day to day routine, a person can loose track of time, sometimes so much so that a day can slip by without notice. In such circumstances, however, one can usually look back and remember the little details that distinguish one day from another and finally reconcile the time that has passed. Not so in this case. I have no memory of anything happening at all. I went to bed one day and woke up 24 hours later!

There is some collaborative evidence, however, to support my claim that this is a case of missing time . . . my cats and house plants.

I’m religious about putting down fresh water for my cats every day. Pywacket suffered from Urinary Track Infection a few years ago, and to prevent another episode he must drink enough water each day to keep the crystals that form in his bladder in solution. If not, they’ll solidify and block his urinary track (a very dangerous and costly condition). This afternoon I went to change their water and saw that it was nearly empty. The litter box hasn’t been cleaned, either. I evidently wasn’t around to do my kitty chores.

The house plants, which sit near the open window, were particularly thirsty this morning. It hasn’t been particularly warm out. Actually it’s been threatening showers, off and on, so the humidity has been high. One of the plants sits in a basin of water, which was also nearly empty. In addition to my cats, I apparently neglected my plants, as well.

I’ve had periods of missing time before (see Posts #10 and Post #86), but nothing for as long as a full day and night. Fortunately I have an understanding boss, so I’ll be able to take the time off as a vacation day, although I doubt he’ll buy my explanation.

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