168: Conversations with ETs: Part 3 – Earth is a School

168: Conversations with ETs: Part 3 – Earth is a School

In my last installment in this series, I described how the Grays are higher beings charged with maintaining the mechanism of Reincarnation. They have been with mankind from the beginning of time, having made Homo Sapiens as a species of “shells”1 (their word) to receive the souls that they recycle. That’s why they know us so well. They created us, and the world on which we live.

Earth was seeded with life so that it could be used as a “school” where souls incarnate in order to gain the experience necessary to advance to higher orders of consciousness. There are many other planets that host sentient life, but none evidently with as large an emotional base as the human race. Harold was told that while other life forms may be capable of two or three emotional responses, they have nowhere near the broad range of feelings that we do. It is the wide range of emotions that we can draw on in any situation that allows us to have and exercise “free choice.” We have the ability to choose different ways to react and that creates multiple possibilities. Souls that want to take the “fast track” to consciousness rising elect to incarnate on Earth, but it’s not easy. Earth is a tough school and recognized as such throughout the galaxy. Only the most determined chose to be born here.

Because of the importance that higher beings place on Earth and its inhabitants, no hostile aliens are allowed to interfere in the affairs of men. There is a Star Trek like “Prime Directive” in place and it’s just not permitted. But what then to make of the stories of aliens seen working along side humans in underground bases? Harold and I put that question to his chorus of Grays. Any aliens seen working with humans were cloned, using bodies retrieved from UFO crash sites. They are soulless beings, not having gone through the reincarnation process, and are completely under the control of Majestic.2

Which leads me to restate what I’ve said before, but needs to be as widely understood as possible. There are NO hostile aliens visiting Earth. Any stories to the contrary are either out right pieces of disinformation or hysterical interpretations of the available evidence. No less a personage than Dr. Wernher von Braun, the man in charge of our space program up to and including Armstrong’s historic walk on the moon, said so!

Dr. Carol Rusin was von Braun’s protégé and she has stated in several interviews that he told her numerous times that the Military-Industrial complex has a phony list of four external threats to the United States that would be used to support their funding. The first, the Communist Threat, was already well under way at the time. The second was to be a Terrorist Threat, followed by an Asteroid Threat, and after that would come the threat of an alien invasion. While each of these “threats” was supposed to stimulate military spending, the Alien Threat was meant to also support their control of space. Von Braun had wanted her to work to ban space-based weapons so that international treaties against their use would be in place by the time the Alien Threat was scheduled to be brought into play. According to Dr. Rusin, he told her on several occasions that human contact with many different kinds of Extraterrestrials was already a reality, and that “none of them are hostile.”


1   The Grays have never used the word “container” when referring to the human body. That word was most likely coined by Majestic so that they could determine the source of any report that used it. Those that refer to “shells” are considered genuine, while those that use the word “container” are known to originate from one of their own disinformation sources.

2           Majestic obtained advanced genetic technology from the Grays in the 1940s as part of a cooperative effort to create a Human-Gray hybrid. The two sides had a falling out that resulted in the Roswell Incident and Majestic has been at war with UFOs and their occupants ever since. (See blog Post 155, Post 156 and Post 157, titled “The Original Human-Alien Hybrid Program.”)

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