167: Conversations with ETs: Part 2 – The Grays

 I was able to find out a little more about the species of ET known as The Grays. When I asked, Harold’s chorus confirmed my suspicion that they work to perpetuate the Mechanism of Reincarnation.   (In my book, Abducted by Aliens, I document how I came to this startling conclusion.) It is the duty of the small gray ETs to genetically create and maintain the “shells,” our individual physical bodies, into which they place the souls about to be reborn.1 They are masters of genetics and have replicated themselves throughout our galaxy in many variations. I asked the chorus directly and they confirmed my suspicions that the Human Race is one of their creations. Actually, the Grays were not the only ETs to have a hand in the making of Humans. The three scientific classifications of man (Occidental, Oriental and Negroid.) are actually mixtures of three different Alien DNA strands with a species of primitive primate. The “missing link,” for which anthropologists have long been looking, is in fact a Gray. Although the Grays admit that they are one of the three Alien races that used their own DNA to create Homo Sapien Sapien (modern man), the other two Alien donor-species have chosen thus far to remain anonymous.

The Grays, the ETs with whom most Abductee/Experiencers come in contact, are cloned to their specific purpose and are awakened with full memory of their previous incarnations. It is how they propagate their species. Whether or not they started out with emotions and later discarded them (much like the Vulcans did in “Star Trek”), or never had them to begin with, the Grays have recently created through their own Human-Gray hybrid program2 a new generation of themselves with the full base of human emotions.

But they ran into problems along the way.

When a Human-Gray hybrid is created, if it turns out looking like a human, the baby is left with human parents on Earth to grow up. (We were told that many wind up in orphanages.) Until recently, if it looked like a Gray it was raised with the Grays. This proved disastrous, however. Not having any direct experience with emotions and only a clinical understanding of the differences between them, the ETs supervising the program didn’t foresee the need for emotional bonding between parent and child. (Like the humans they created, sometimes they don’t consider “unforeseen consequences.”) Bud Hopkins and others have reported descriptions of these children, who moved lethargically and appeared almost emaciated. Some were bald, others had patches of hair. The human mothers were brought together with their hybrid offspring in a last-ditch effort to repair the psychological damage done to them, due to their emotional neglect. Although some reacted favorably and attempted to do what they could to nurture their young, many others recoiled in disgust at the thought of holding their alien looking children.

Now, I was told by Harold’s chorus, things are done differently. The Gray looking hybrid babies are being given to human foster parents, who raise them on other planets. They didn’t elaborate as to whether or not the humans left Earth voluntarily or not. At first, I assumed that they went willingly. To me, it made no sense to take someone against their will and then ask them to raise a child that looked like their abductor. The parent would naturally be resentful. And besides, there’s no limit to the number of human volunteers who would jump at the chance to live off-world for such a “worthy cause.” I decided to ask them directly to confirm my reasoning on the subject.   I was surprised by their answer.

“If the humans see the child as human, and not as a Gray . . . ”They didn’t finish the sentence, but the implication was clear. Regardless of how the humans leave Earth, willingly or not, they’re manipulated into believing that they are raising a human child instead of a Gray.

But again, there were unforeseen consequences when the first generation of Grays with emotions matured and took their place alongside their unemotional cousins. With all the attention they were given, and the importance they saw placed on the hybrid program, of which they were the end result, the new Gray looking hybrids felt themselves superior to the others. (Now that’s all we need, Grays with attitude!)

Harold and I found that his chorus will often evade a question if they don’t want to answer it directly. The ETs didn’t actually answer the question of “how” those Human foster parents left Earth. But, I wouldn’t take their silence on that subject as a confession to anything. While the chorus has been surprisingly forthcoming on several subjects and have answered some specific questions that I’ve asked, Harold and I found that they will remain silent (a) when it’s in their best interests to do so, (b) when Humans “wouldn’t understand the answer” (their words), or (c) when the ETs are told to keep quiet by Beings higher than themselves. (There is a definite hierarchy in the Heavens above us.)

At first the answers we received to our questions often seemed ambiguous or even contradictory. Now whenever Harold submits a question to his chorus he has them “vote,” so that we can have a better feel for the validity of the answer they give. They’ll report back to him on the percentages of “yes,” “no” and “undecided” amongst their ranks on any particular question.

The tall Grays are what have been called throughout the centuries, “Guardian Angels.” They are assigned to a human individual for their lifetime and facilitate all the major life events that have been “programmed” to unfold, beginning (obviously) with the person’s birth. Later on, at the onset of puberty, a follow-up visit is scheduled to monitor the hormonal changes taking place. Another major human life event of concern to the Grays comes when the individual is of an age that they can start a family. For Abductee/Experiencers the selection of a mate is seldom, if ever, left to chance.

Originally the Greek god Cupid shot his arrows, not to create feelings of love between two people, but instead, strong feelings of lust. The ancient pagan festivals that honored that horny little deity always ended in revelry and sex orgies. Cupid was in fact a Gray! Creating feelings of heavy lust between two people whose DNA is considered to be a good match, is their favorite method of bringing people together for procreation. For them, it’s all about getting the next generation born, moving that DNA on down the line.

Some of the family lines that are monitored go back to the creation of civilization itself, to the first cities that man built after trading in his old nomadic existence for the food surpluses that an agricultural life could offer. Abraham, the patriarch of the Hebrews was born in Ur, the first documented city ever built, and Jews as a people have long been of special interest to the ETs. People of Scottish or Celtic ancestry also are tracked because of their ancient lineage. It was recently discovered that the gene for red hair came down to us from Neanderthal Man, who we now know lived along side Modern Man and mated with them, before dying out as a parallel species. Indigenous peoples the world over are also candidates for long-term monitoring by the Grays.

Many people have reported seeing Grays working with humans in underground bases. I’ve never given such stories much credence, thinking they were just retellings of old disinformation pieces. I decided to ask Harold’s chorus, non-the-less, and was surprised by the answer they gave. The Grays that are seen working with the military are from clones created using DNA taken from bodies recovered from downed saucers. They are soulless creatures (not having been infused with one), and are raised by Majestic to further their interests.

I’ll pass on more of what I’ve learned from Harold’s chorus of Grays in future posts, so “stay tuned.”


 1 I was told that a person’s body is crafted to fit the soul that it will host, much like a glove is made to fit a hand.

2 Not to be confused with the ORIGINAL Human-Alien Hybrid program that the Grays helped Majestic to start in the 1940s. For a full description of that project and how I was led to uncover the facts behind this amazing story, read blog Post 155, Post 156, and Post 157.

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