166: Conversations with ETs: Part 1 – Introduction

This is a new series of posts where I’ll describe what I’ve learned from my weekly visits with a very good friend of mine, who also happens to channel a chorus of ETs. These sessions with unseen entities revealed some surprising new information, which I’ll present here for the first time.

First, let me provide some background.

Harold has been my friend now for 16 years, my having met him in 1994, the same year that I began my Awakening. At that time I led a small circle of magicians called “The Order of the Scarab Beetle,” and taught the art of Ritual Magick1 to anyone who wanted to learn, if they could but pass my initial interview. Although, Harold was eager to learn and willing do anything I might ask of him toward that end, I had to send him away.

During the interview, Harold quite candidly referred to the psychotropic prescription medications he was taking. At that point I had no choice but to end the interview and advise him to have nothing to do with Magick, or any other method of contacting unseen spirits. There would come a time during his studies with me, I told him, when he would begin to come in contact with very real, unseen entities, and that if he was already hearing voices, as he readily admitted, then how would he discern the difference once those real entities began to communicate with him? He was devastated, but I felt that I had no choice in the matter. I had to be true to my ethics as a teacher. Magick is a powerful force and shouldn’t be wielded, but by the most grounded of people.

About a week later, I received a phone call from Harold’s psychiatrist. He explained that Harold had given him permission to call me and advocate on his behalf. I told the doctor what I had told Harold, that I taught Ritual Magick and that my students would be expected to at some point in their training to be able to communicate with very real, but invisible, sentient beings. “How could I in good conscience,” I asked, “teach someone to do this while they’re taking psychotropic medications?”

The doctor responded by saying that, although he didn’t know anything about Ritual Magick per say, he did understand the importance of ritual in a person’s life and asked again if I might reconsider. After I declined a second time, he offered a compromise. “Would I let Harold into my circle, if he would agree beforehand to leave if I later thought it best that he do so?” he asked. Under those conditions, I accepted Harold as a first-degree student in the “Order of the Scarab Beetle.” That was sixteen years ago.

About three and a half years ago Harold and his partner, Phoenix, were living with me and my two cats in my studio apartment. They had decided earlier to move to Tennessee to be near Phoenix’s family, but while in route they were robbed of all their money and possessions. They limped back to San Francisco, but they had given up their apartment and had nowhere to go. Harold and Phoenix were my house guests for three months, until they found another place to live.

(As an aside, let me say that Harold is not his birth name. It is a name that I gave him, because in so many ways he is “The Herald,” that person who runs ahead and announces our coming, and in doing so is the first person to see “the new land.”)

Harold is one of three psychics who I know personally. I describe the other two in my book Abducted by Aliens (available as a FREE download) and Harold in particular in Post 157. Harold has a chorus of voices (real ones) that advise him, and on occasion they’ll also answer questions. During those months when he lived with me, though, Harold opened up tremendously and the voices became very talkative. Every night when I came home and after Phoenix retired to his mattress in the hallway (I live in a studio apartment), Harold and I would sit together and he’d open himself up psychically. Oh, the fantastic things his chorus told us!

Since Harold and Phoenix moved out, Harold continues to visit me at least one evening a week for a couple of hours. Sometimes during his visits, an invisible being will “walk” into Harold and communicate with me directly. They can only stay a few seconds, because it takes a lot out of Harold. He describes it as they’re having giant astral bodies and that they have a hard time fitting inside his smaller frame. When they do leave, it takes a few seconds for Harold to recover.

Who are these beings? Harold saw several different Alien races represented when I asked that question. They’re normally invisible, but not to Harold. He now gets visuals, as well as voices. He looks up and sees them seated around him in a gallery of sorts, like one might find in a teaching hospital’s operation theater. This is a major development and now a permanent part of his enhanced psychic awareness, but more on that later.

Harold’s chorus is now made up entirely of Grays, although he has seen other ETs in attendance. He’s seen a tall Praying Mantis and felt the presence of a being who he calls one of the “Elders,” the few remaining members of the first race of sentient beings in our galaxy.

Harold’s ETs reminds me of the classic “Greek Chorus” of those ancient plays we had to read in college. They were a theatrical device of the time, invented by the Greeks, where a group of players would comment directly to the audience on the scene unfolding before them. Interestingly enough, there is also a tradition in Orthodox Judaism that says that everyone goes throughout life with “an entourage of spirits” following them wherever they go. Harold can see and talk with his.

I want to say that I fully expect the reader to be skeptical about the information being offered in this series. I, too, am normally very reticent to accept “channeled” information as being genuine. I believe that in the vast majority of cases, channelers are either out-and-out frauds, or at best are deluding themselves. That being said, though, much of what Harold’s chorus of voices has told us was later confirmed (independently, without knowledge of what Harold had said), by one or both of my other psychic friends.

In my next post I’ll describe what Harold and I learned from his chorus about The Grays and their ongoing Human-Alien hybrid program.

(To be continued)


1 For a full explanation of the spiritual path I’ve chosen for myself, please read Post 123, titled, “Test #3 – A Test of Character (Part One).”

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