161: Hollywood Prepares the Public for Contact (Part 1)

161: Hollywood Prepares the Public for Contact (Part 1)

The news media of all major countries serve to act as a propaganda tool of their respective governments, especially with issues that are deemed to be important to national security. Going to war, for example, would be impossible for any country without its media beating the drum to insure that their young men flock to the recruiting stations. The same holds true with UFOs. When the subject is to be treated with ridicule and scorn, our news media does a superb job in keeping any reasoned public discussion on the topic to a minimum. But when it comes to preparing the public for the inevitable end of the UFO cover-up, either by the government or the ETs themselves, Majestic uses television and the movies to put its spin on the subject of Alien contact.

Shortly after midnight on July 20, 1952 a fleet of UFOs buzzed Washington DC and the White House and was tracked on several radar screens. They repeated their aerial display over the nation’s capitol six nights later. The hoopla that followed forced the creation of a blue-ribbon committee called, “The Robinson Panel.” Its stated mission was to investigate sightings of UFOs and report its findings to the public.

In January of 1953, The Robinson Panel released its recommendations. After a quick glance at a small number of reported sightings, the panel publicly proclaimed that UFOs were the product of swamp gas, temperature inversions, and the tried and true planet Venus, nothing to be concerned about. Secretly however, they recommended to the CIA, in direct opposition to their public statements, that efforts be made to control both public opinion on the subject, and the field reporting of all UFO sightings. Regulations were written and implemented to insure that sightings were only reported to the agencies with a need to know, while a group named the “Psychological Strategy Board” was charged with developing a working project to educate the public on the subject of UFOs through the “mass media such (as) television, motion pictures and popular articles.”

The CIA, who had been given complete control of the UFO cover-up, had been warned by the Robinson Panel that the public needed to be “educated” about UFOs, while the Brookings Institute thought a cultural disaster was possible following any contact with more advanced civilizations. As a result of these two studies, the official policy that took shape in the mid-1950s was one of complete secrecy about the reality of UFOs and their occupants on one hand, and a molding of public opinion about Alien contact (through the manipulation of media science fiction) on the other           . . . just in case the secrecy was ever ended for some reason. It was all turned on its head. The “truth” about UFOs that was presented to the public was a fiction, while the fiction produced for movies and television about Alien contact often revealed much of the truth, although be it with a “spin.”

In the mid 1950’s it was easy to put a negative spin on the subject of contact with Space Aliens, because the Red Scare was in full swing and the public was already paranoid about a possible Communist invasion. Instead of the specter of wild-eyed Marxists destroying our cities and raping our women, it was bug-eyed space aliens. They were horrible examples of moviemaking and weren’t meant to be realistic, except to the most brain-dead of audiences. In this way, any reasoned discussion on the subject of UFOs was made to look ridiculous. Aliens were just bad special effects in bad science fiction movies, nothing to be concerned about.

[To be continued]

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