149: Exploring the Rabbit Hole

It’s been over twenty years since I first became aware that I had fallen down the rabbit hole, twenty years of living in a “Wonderland” so extreme in its strangeness that it can make one doubt one’s own sanity. In fact, after reading my account several people have expressed real concerns for my mental health. I imagine that Alice had much the same reaction, though, when she woke up from her “lucid dream” and started telling people about the White Rabbit, the Cheshire cat, and the Mad Hatter.

I used to be an average kind of guy, married with a kid, living in the suburbs, and generally bored with life. Then one morning in mid January of 1994, everything changed. One day normal, next day . . . WONDERLAND! (My white rabbit, however, was grey in color and had a really big head with huge black eyes.)

Alice woke up from her dream and went back to leading the life of a young lady in Victorian England. I’ll never wake up from mine. To mix metaphors. I’ve taken the blue pill and there’s no going back. My old paradigms have been shattered, so there’s nothing to which I can go back.

But more importantly, I’ve changed. I don’t live in this world anymore. I move through it, interact with it, but I’m not a part of it. In my new state of mine, life is more of a continuing experience, instead of a series of pitfalls that need to be avoided, and challenges that need to be overcome. This old lab rat has climbed his way to the top and can see more than just the maze now.

That’s not to say that I don’t sometimes get discouraged. Majestic’s harassment has increased in both intensity and frequency, and their attacks are sometimes hard to endure. I noticed the change of pace shortly after I built my first blog and started promoting it. Although I’m not allowed to remember my interactions with either the Grays or Majestic, I can tell them apart. I sometimes get fretful and pessimistic and, when I do, my ETs visit and reassure me somehow. After I become conscious (I won’t say “wake up”), I often feel better emotionally than I did before I went to bed. By contrast, Majestic’s intrusions, are often painful. They aren’t too gentle when they roust me out of bed, and many times my knee, or shoulder will be badly wrenched afterwards. I now routinely wear knee braces to bed in case Majestic comes to debrief me.

I continue to be physically assaulted by Majestic as well, but afterwards I usually feel detached, and can shrug it off and not let it affect me. But then again, I’m “blessed.” That’s what some people would call it. I’m protected by Higher Beings who have, for whatever reason, spared me the memory of those attacks. I’m left only with the physical evidence and my feelings afterwards to suggest what happened.

But there’s more. I’ve uncovered a startling truth, something that adds yet another layer to the enigma that is my life. I found out the rabbit hole goes much deeper than I ever imagined.

I discovered, quite by accident, that I’ve been subjected to CIA Mind Control protocols, and can be made to dance “like a puppet on a string” to Majestic’s tune. (I’ll explain just how I found that out in my next post.) The subject of mind control (MK Ultra, etc.) is pretty scary stuff, especially when you find yourself smack in the middle of it. But through it all, with the help of my ET friends, I remain undaunted. I think that’s why Majestic tries so hard to control me . . . because they can’t. My body is a battlefield, but my strength of will is undiminished.

Fuck the Queen of Hearts!

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