147: Selling at the Expo, under Majestic’s Watchful Eye

At last, after two years of consistent effort, I was finally able to hold a finished copy of Abducted by Aliens in my hands. It was one of the most satisfying moments of my life.

I had just picked the books up from the printer and was on my way to the UFO Expo, an annual convention held at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, California. My friend Harold, also an Abductee/Experiencer, was with me. I brought him along to help me man the sales table I had rented, and to share in the excitement of debuting my book to the public.

Majestic was there, waiting for us.

The first indication that we were under their watchful eye was when we checked into our room. There on our pillows were chocolate wafers that are sometimes offered as a welcoming gift by the finer hotels. The only thing was, this hotel had never offered any such amenity before, and a quick call to the desk confirmed that they had not changed their policy since the last time I had stayed there. Throughout the time we were there things we knew that we had unpacked showed up missing, but were later discovered to have been put back in their suitcases.

Perhaps the most telling incident was when we ordered extra towels from Housekeeping. When the guy showed up at our door to deliver them, he was shaking like a leaf as he handed them over. He didn’t even stick around for a tip, but instead darted off quickly after shoving the towels into Harold’s hands. He looked to be of Hispanic decent, perhaps undocumented, and we speculated that he might have felt “caught in the middle” while Majestic orchestrated things from down in the bowels of the hotel. It certainly would have been stressful for the hotel employees (documented or not) to have Homeland Security agents* mulling around their work spaces, and our delivery guy was obviously stressed out.

Even though Majestic was very much “in our face” thorough out the convention, as a new author it was a rousing success for me. In my conversations with the other sellers there, my book sold much better than any other title, even though sales were down in general because of the economic recession.


* Majestic (or whatever name it is currently using) is a super secret agency, unregulated by any congressional oversight committee. As such it must stay hidden in the background, so it will use the various intelligence agencies as cover for its operations.

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