99: The Second Camera

(From Pages 191 – 192 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

In addition to what might have been a camera in my television, I discovered that I was being watched from outside my apartment as well. Most of my time at home is spent at my computer, which faces two windows to the outside world. One is directly in front of my work area and its shade is never raised, so as to prevent eye strain when I’m looking at my computer screen. The other window shade is left open during daylight hours for the nourishment of the house plants placed there. From my seat, I can see the large whitewashed commercial building next door.

In May of 2008, I looked up from my desk and noticed that one of the windows of that building looked very strange. The window is made up of twelve small textured panes of glass, with the two in the center being adjustable so as to let in air and direct sunlight on nice days. A plywood board that I hadn’t noticed before fully covered the window, but it was still left open, a puzzlement. A small ceramic collar circled an opening at the top of the board, and the upper right corner was home to a newly created and expanding hornet’s nest. Over the next three days, the growing nest threatened to obstruct the hole in the plywood. On the fourth day, when I returned home from work, I saw that it had been “cut back” leaving a clean, straight line where the deed had been done.

I took photographs (see page 351 in the Appendix). When my friend Harold came by a couple of weeks later, I pointed out to him what appeared to be a “duck blind,” meant to hide a camera pointed in my direction. Three days after his visit, the plywood board was gone and soon after that the commercial space was apparently occupied by new tenants.

Why keep the window open when the plywood board obstructed all twelve planes of glass anyway? Because, I assert, with the window closed there could be no “line-of-sight” with my chair. The textured glass wouldn’t have allowed a clear view for the camera. The fact that the nest was cut back when the collared hole was in danger of becoming obstructed by hundreds of swarming hornets is, I think, further proof that a camera was hidden behind that plywood.

I’ve read that in the world of covert intelligence three different types of electronic surveillance equipment are planted. The first is easily discovered if the person is looking. The second is discoverable if the person has some knowledge as to where to look and what to look for, but the third will never be located. Now that I’ve found two of Majestic’s cameras, I wonder where the third could be. Hmm.

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