98: My TV is Watching Me!

(From Pages 189 – 190 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Like many Experiencers, once I understood that I was under surveillance by the government, I naturally assumed that my phone was tapped. I got conformation of sorts that that was true, when the man who installed my DSL internet connection back in the late 90s was surprised to find that the connections to my apartment had already been made at the control box in the basement. “That’s funny, I remember him saying. “The phone company isn’t usually that helpful. We’re their competition.”

Since then I’ve always assumed that my phone conversations are recorded and that my apartment is “bugged,” but I never stopped to think that I might be under visual surveillance as well. It was my friend Arian who discovered it. She was visiting, and we were sitting on my futon bed/sofa when she said, “Did you see that? There was a light shining in your TV set.” I hadn’t been looking in that direction, so I didn’t see it, but I believed her when she said that she did. The obvious thought was that there might be a camera inside the TV.

I would have taken it to a repair service to have it opened it up to find out for sure, but I was without a job or any extra money at the time. It was hard to make the rent each month, so as much as I wanted to I couldn’t afford the expense. A few days later, though, I was given confirmation that something had been in my TV set, by a totally unexpected source . . . Majestic itself!

You should understand that while I may sweep and vacuum occasionally, I never dust. It’s just not part of my cleaning regimen, so the dust on the back of my old-style “tabletop” television was pretty thick at the time. A week or so after Arian’s visit, I discovered evidence that it had been opened up in my absence. On the back side of the set, which extends out a good foot or so, the dust that had collected for months had been disturbed over the one set screw located there. Now, there was a definite rectangular “clean” spot over the area. Majestic had come and retrieved their camera, thinking that I would eventually take it out if they didn’t.

This was the evidence I needed! I invited my friends over for a party and excitedly pointed to the “oasis of clean” in the middle of the thick layer of dust that covered the back of the TV. This was proof, I told them, that Majestic had been there and opened it up. My friends were duly impressed.

A week later, though, I came home to find that someone had completely dusted my television. It was clean as a whistle. Nothing was left to indicate that the set had ever been tampered with. Now, if they would have only cleaned the rest of my apartment!

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