97: Outed the Mole

(From Page 187 – 188 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

In January of 1995 I started a UFO support group, which at its largest numbered a dozen people or more. One man came to every meeting (the only person who did), but never had anything to contribute beyond his original story of a typical Abduction.

At one meeting, we watched a video of a Budd Hopkins presentation. Everyone in attendance was glued to the screen, except this man, who was looking around the room with an obvious look of boredom on his face. I wrote him a letter telling him that I suspected that he was a government plant, along with my reasons, and asked that he not attend our meetings anymore. If he were innocent I would have expected a reply of some kind, a letter or phone call telling me that I was full of cow manure, but I never heard back from him. 23

I did run into him a few months later, however, at the annual UFO convention that visits the San Francisco Bay Area once a year. I had taken my seat in one of the meeting rooms to wait for a seminar to begin on some UFO-related topic. It was early and the room was empty except for a small group of people discussing something out of earshot. Among them I recognized the mole, whom I had earlier asked to leave my support group. I didn’t pay any further attention to them and got lost in my thoughts after taking a seat.

Suddenly, there he was seated behind me. I turned around and he did essentially what I had done months earlier at that lunch counter. He stuck his head out as far as he could in my direction and grinned from ear to ear in a grotesque tableau for several seconds, before getting up and walking off.

To me that was confirmation that I had been right about him all along.

23 Refer to page 338 in the Appendix for a copy of my letter.

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