96: Discovered My Tail

(From Page 186 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

I was enjoying my lunch one day at the lunch counter of one of the better franchise restaurants, when a man with a short haircut and patent leather shoes sat down on one of the stools near me. I was reading a book about UFOs at the time and noticed that he was trying to unobtrusively glimpse the title on the cover. He seemed to avoid any eye contact with me and I had the distinct feeling that he was a government spook, there to keep tabs on me.

I finished my lunch, but before leaving the counter I decided to do something to test him. I leaned over and put my face as close to his as I could from across the vacant stool between us, and glared at him in an obviously threatening manner. Any normal person would have reacted negatively, probably saying something like, “What the hell’s your problem, buddy!” But instead he ignored me, keeping his eyes straight ahead and a deadpan expression on his face. He took a final bite of his sandwich, chewed it slowly and deliberately before swallowing, and then got up from the counter to pay his check at the cash register. His failure to react in any way to my threatening demeanor validated my suspicions of him.

Further confirmation came months later, when another Majestic agent did essentially the same thing . . . to me.

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