92: Surveillance & Monthly Break-Ins

(From Pages 178 – 179 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

I verified the monthly invasion of my apartment by humans who seemed to always disturb something, alerting me to the fact that someone had been there. At first I thought that they were just sloppy in their work and quipped at a support group meeting that, “You can tell when they’ve been there because, being government workers, they always manage to mess up and disturb something.” 20 A man in attendance who admitted to being an ex-military “spook” (intelligence agent) spoke up and said, “Oh no! They do that on purpose. They want you to know that they’ve been there.” 21

I was able to establish the regular nature of these intrusions by routinely putting tape across the door jamb of my apartment whenever I left. I colored the clear plastic tape with a permanent marker, so as to match the dark hardwood of my front door, and placed it at the bottom where it wouldn’t likely receive but a passing glance from someone focused on a key and a deadbolt lock. Once a month, usually in the middle, I would arrive home to find that the tape had been pulled away from the door, signifying that someone had entered my apartment while I was away.

When I described the government intrusions into my apartment to my hypnotherapist, Mr. Ault, I was aghast when he started to tell me how his brother once suspected his landlord of entering his apartment during his absence and confirmed it by putting a piece of tape across the door jamb. He suggested that I do the same.

I say that I was aghast because I just knew that his office had been bugged by Majestic, probably shortly after I made the first appointment. Sure enough three days after he made that suggestion, I came home and discovered that the tape that I had colored and carefully secured across the door jamb before I had left that morning was gone.

Not only did that prove my hypnotherapy sessions were being recorded by Majestic, it also showed I wasn’t being paranoid, just realistic. The incident confirmed that I had lost any expectations of privacy I might have thought I had, a fact that was later confirmed by my television set.

20 My apologies to all government employees, everywhere.

21 Let me say something about people who confess to having past connections with the intelligence community. My step-father (my parents divorced and mother remarried) served in the Marine Corp. during WW II and whenever someone would refer to him as an “ex-Marine” he would correct them saying, “There is no such thing as an ex-Marine. Once you’ve gone through the training, you’re always a Marine.” I believe the same holds true with the various intelligence services. Once trained as a spook, it becomes a lifetime career. They can retire, but they can’t quit.

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