71: The Physical Evidence – Puncture Marks

(From Pages 137 – 140 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

On many occasions over the years, I would discover what looked like puncture marks on various parts of my body, including the backs of my legs and hands. Many of these incidents were duly reported in my journal. (Post 57, Post 60 and Post 63) If they were needle punctures, I don’t know who administrated the injections. It could have been the ETs or my human intruders, although I expect that both do inject me with something at various times for their own separate purposes.

These puncture marks were of two distinct varieties. Some I was able to easily identify as needle injection sites, especially when I felt like I was drugged. Then there were those that appeared in clusters, forming circular or semicircular patterns on the backs of my legs. They were accompanied by a raised portion of the skin directly below the puncture and looked for all the world like mosquito bites. These mosquito-like marks have been reported by other Abductee/Experiencers.

I also have a lower back injury, and in the days leading up to the Bay Area UFO Expo in Santa Clara, California in August of 2006, it was particularly painful in the sciatic area on the left side. I could feel a skin disruption of some kind there, but couldn’t see anything using my personal hand mirror. When I checked into my hotel room, I used the magnifying mirror attached to the wall in the bathroom to get a better look. It was a puncture mark and it was directly over the source of my pain.

It was the first UFO convention that I attended after I restarted work on my book, and I took a room for the weekend so I wouldn’t have to commute the 50 miles each way for both days of the event. I woke up the next morning with a fresh needle mark on the back of my right hand. Cynthia, an Experiencer friend of mine who was also attending the convention, was quite excited when she saw it and showed my hand to several of her friends.

The motives of my human tormentors are fairly easy to discern. I’m told that, aside from wanting to inflict pain and suffering by inflaming old injuries, the abductions by the government (called “military re-abductions”) are often done to “debrief” the Abductee/Experiencer after an ET visit, through the use of hypnosis and sometimes the injection of drugs.

I said earlier that I thought that at least some of my puncture marks were caused by the ETs. But why would they want to inject me with anything?

In the early morning hours of August 17, 1994 I woke up feeling very altered perceptually and staggered to my desk to write two words on my notepad, “I’m metamorphosing.” I wanted to document the thought I had in my head when I woke up, but I couldn’t stay conscious and right afterwards stumbled back to my pillow and “fell asleep.”

The drugs administered by the ETs are, I think, meant to alter me internally. The process, called “Transgenics,” is described in a book by UFO researchers Budd Hopkins and his wife Carol Rainey. The authors believe that, in addition to the human–Alien hybrid program where human female eggs and male sperm are united with Alien genes to form hybrid fetuses, humans are also physically “transformed” using gene therapy.

As to why Aliens would want to alter selected humans, all we can do is speculate. To survive on other planets? To survive here on Earth, after some drastic change that is to come? To change us into a fifth column of methane-breathing Space Bugs in preparation for an invasion? Who knows? All I know is that I don’t.

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