5: My First Spontaneous Healing

(From Pages 13 – 15 of Abducted by Aliens, by Chuck Weiss)

Monday: February 21, 1994

I woke up twice last night to the same audio hallucinations. The last time was approximately 5:20 A.M., when I got up and had breakfast. I can’t seem to sleep more than two or three hours in a row, day or night. The headaches I had yesterday have continued throughout today.

Evening (10:45 P.M.):

I don’t know what’s going on. All I can do is document what happened. A few minutes ago I tried to work out on my exercise machine and injured myself badly, straining my left arm and chest muscle. In order to stand the pain, I had to hold my arm tightly against my body with my right hand. Then while I was sitting on the couch trying to think if I had an Ace bandage in the closet, or if I would have to go out and buy one, I felt something press several times against my lower back at the base of my spine. The sensation lasted a good two or three seconds. I looked behind me. There was nothing on the couch, but then I noticed that my arm and chest no longer hurt.

The pain is completely gone! All this happened in less than a minute after getting off the exercise machine. My left arm feels like it’s walking up from a Novocain shot, but there’s no pain, even when I move it around. I had thought I was going to have to get an Ace bandage and tape my chest. One minute severe pain, the next nothing! This is not natural. What’s happening to me?

Thursday: February 24, 1994

My arm and chest have not hurt at all since that first minute after the injury, three days ago. That’s not to say they feel normal, because they don’t. I can definitely feel that I hurt myself, but it’s as if the injury happened a couple of weeks ago. There is a slight weakness in the area. Until today, there was no pain, soreness, or weakness. I’m able to use my arm as if nothing had happened. It’s as if my body flooded itself with endorphins that first minute and has maintained them at a high concentration for the last three days.

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