4: Audio Hallucinations, a Troubling Scar & crystallized Blood

(From Pages 11 – 13 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss)

Thursday: January 20, 1994

I woke up twice again last night to the single ring of a telephone, once at 1:26 A.M. and again at 3:21 A.M. (I’ve decided to note all the details as accurately as possible and to include them in this journal.) I had disconnected the telephone in my bedroom and turned off the ringers of the other house phones before I went to bed. As I suspected, these are audio hallucinations.

While it is disturbing, to say the least, to think that I am having hallucinations of any sort, I have discovered something even more unnerving. Thinking about the two scabs on the back of my neck reminded me of something an old girlfriend said about a year ago. We had been making love when she noticed that there was a scar on my genitals. Perhaps it was the passion of the moment, but I forgot about what she had said until now.

I examined myself closely tonight and, sure enough, there is a long scar that runs the full length of the shaft on the underside of my penis, from tip to base, and continues a quarter of the way around at the bottom. It looks as if I was filleted, like a fish. I certainly do not remember anything to explain such a scar. I have an appointment for my annual physical in a couple of months. I’ll ask my doctor how old the scar appears to be. Even if there was a slip of the knife during my circumcision as an infant, I don’t understand how an accident like that could have caused such a long and extensive wound, or why I wouldn’t have noticed it until now.

Friday: January 21, 1994

I took the telephone off line again last night, but I have no memory of having any audio hallucinations. The two scabs have all but disappeared from where I found them a couple of days ago, at the base of my neck and between the shoulders. I think I can see a couple of lines or faint scars.

There is also a bulge on my neck, just above where the scabs were and a little to the left of the spine. I’m mentioning this only to be thorough in my observations. It may have been there before. I don’t remember noticing it, though.

Sunday: February 20, 1994

Today the top of my head felt tender. I felt a scab of some sort, and as I rubbed it small granules of dried blood came off on my fingers. It had the consistency of crystallized sugar. I’ve never known a scab to form that way. Usually a scab is a hard, crusted thing, not something that crumbles into granules in your hand. I have no idea how I might have injured myself.

I’ve “heard” some more audio hallucinations the past couple of nights. They were the same telephone ring, but not nearly as loud as the ones I heard last month. After I heard the first one I was too sleepy to try and stay awake, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

I’ve also had headaches, off and on, throughout the day.

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